Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!!

I hope you all have had/having a wonderful Easter! Or Sunday if you don't celebrate it!
Okay Easter mani is pretty deformed : / but I wanted to post it anyway lol. I had to redo them like 4x because my daughter kept messing it up when it was wet, so the designs just kept getting simpler :P But here it is anyways!

This was my favorite egg I dyed :) The colors I used are Sally Hansen's mint sorbet, Ulta's Sun-Sational, and Sally Hansen's Lacey Lilac.

Pretty straightforward colors, Mint Sorbet is a pastel mint creme, Lacey Lilac is a pastel lilac creme, and Sun-Sational is a bright yellow creme!

Hereis a picture of all the eggs I dyed :)


  1. Ahhh, I can't tell where they're messed up!

    And you need to invest in some Seche Vite... Never smudge a mani again! :D

  2. Ty Amber :) I use Seche vite most of the time, I just didn't wait long enough in between the layers and Sky really messed it up : / the yellow was super scraped but most of it is covered by the other colors luckily! <3 My seche vite Just got soem at Sally's they are only $5.99 atm!


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