Friday, April 29, 2011

Zoya Adina Stamped & mini stamping tutorial.

Morning all! I couldn't sleep so I did my nails :) I painted them with Adina <3 Then I took a  few pictures for my friend Eryn, who has never seen the nail stamping before, so there will be a few extra pictures as a sort of walk through for her, and the links of the products I used. The pictures kind of suck but i only have myself to take them so : /

Here is Adina alone <3

Zoya Nail Polish in Adina can be best described as: Violet metallic multichrome. A frosty hint of green and magenta creates a unique "oil-slick" look.

First up here is the Bundle Monster plate I used, BM-222
The 25 pc. Bundle Monster Nail stamping Plate set is available at for $21.99 + free shipping.

I used the Konad special nail stamping polish also from (Can you tell I <3 amazon? hehe)
 Then you paint over the design imprint that you want to use quickly with the polish.

And scrap it quickly and stamp, you should try to do these steps as fast as you can but it takes some practice!
I scrap off the excess with a plastic card from dave & busters, just like store rewards cards. These work better imo and they don't scratch the plates like the metal scraper that comes with the Konad stamper.
You then stamp it, again as quickly as possible but trust me it takes time to not suck at this! lol I still usually do :) This is a picture of it stamped onto the stamper.

* Also a tip is to file your stamper before using it, this helps the stamper pick up the pattern easier*

If it comes out like this, not perfect I use it on the pinky or smaller nail so you don't notice so much, when you stamp it onto the nail don't just press it fat, you have to stamp it in a sort of rolling motion, which I couldn't get a picture of alone, but i high suggest looking at tutorials on youtube for technique!

& here is my finished product!

Hope this helped anybody who needed it, I am not great at explaining things but though I would try! I'd have done a video if it wouldn't have woken my daughter :)
If you have any questions or suggestions feel frre to ask/comment below! Thanks for lookign & have a wonderful day!


  1. Ohh, I love the design you used! I've been thinking about ordering the plates!

  2. Wasn't feeling the purple on its own, but love it with the konad design!! Great job!

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Thanks guys! Amy I am following you now :)

    Minty you should they are a lot of fun!

  4. looks good! i had a prob with my stamper the image wasn't going on so i had to buff it a little and it worked a little better. i think i need more practice lol =)

  5. That helped me too, when I filed mine!


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