Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Zoya Dove & New BundleMonster plate BM-224

Here are my nails today, which actually look MUCH better in person but my camera makes the flaws so much more obvious! It smudged pretty bad and I think I scratched it aswell but I figured I'd post it still meh :P
I used Seche vite which has never smudged my stamped nails before but I am thinking maybe I just applied it too soon after I stamped them? How long after you stamp yours do you typically wait? It seemed very dry but I still really liked them, they were even cute before they smudged :) I used 2 coat of Zoya-Dove, which is a pale grey creme & the konad black stamping polish.

Oh and I am in the process of making my light box :) I kind of used it for this, but the poster is in my car and it is raining so I just used construction paper & the new lightbulb I got and the fabric comes tomorrow I just used a thin white towel to see if it would work for the night LOL Still a huge improvement haha but hopefully when it is put together with everything that it will work nicer :)
It is still storming pretty bad here more tornado watches, and flood warnings until tomorrow but hopefully it will die down. I really hate this weather I just want to go into the sun and bring my daughter to the park, plus the thunder has been waking & scaring her :(

Thanks for looking have a awesome day!


  1. Okay, maybe it's because I'm such a newbie but I don't see any smudges. I really LIKE this one. I have zero gray polishes because I thought they would be a little...dull. I think I need to get one and just play with it. Great job!!!!!!

  2. <3 Thank you It is mostly on the pointer/index finger nail but I think maybe I am just being to hard on myself! I'm a newbie at this and scared i won't be any good! I have a few grays that i love, i will swatch some in the next day or two and post them for you, or maybe just do each finger with a different color :)

  3. which new BM plate did you use? Got mine yesterday and now I want to redo my nails everyday, but don't have enough time lol

  4. Yay! this looks great!

    Aren't light boxes awesome? It so helps with the lighting in the pictures... I can't wait til you finish it! :D

  5. Amber Hopefully it will stop raining today so I can get the poster out of my car haha

  6. haha you're silly, I don't even see smudging. Your mani came out great. I've never used grey cuz I didn't know if it would look okay with nail art, but now you convinced me it does =]


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