Friday, April 22, 2011

The Zoya Polish Exchange

For those of you who don't know about it already or aren't aware of Zoya (My fav brand!) They have this polish exchange going on where you buy a minimum of 6 polishes, maximum of 12 for $4 each instead of the retail price of $8! You send them old, dried up, etc polishes back for them to recycle. Also you do not HAVE to send them any back, or the same number of polishes you bought. They are accepting mini bottles too. I believe this is going on until April 27th. The code [EARTHZOYA] is only redeemable once per account.

I went a little crazy and bought tons! 18 total polishes and also the BOGO remove + deal, I caved in haha remove + is the best polish remover I have ever used though, it doesn't dry my nails or cuticles out which for me is a huge issue with cheap removers.

The colors I ordered that you can look forward to seeing are : Adina,Barbie, Charla, Edyta, Freja, Indigo, Jancyn, Jolene, Kelly, Kiki, Kotori, Midori, Perrie, Pippa, Robyn, Tallulah, Veruschuka & Zara!

Also I ordered the new bundle monster plates so I will have a lot to post soon!

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  1. I just got both of the bundle monster plates too!


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