Saturday, June 18, 2011

Comparison Post: Zoya Midori & Butter London Dosh

Doing a comparison post for Michelle! These two look super different and I seriously Love them both! I can see how they might look similar in the bottle though! BL Dosh is described as “a molten apple green shot through with metallic gold.”  And Zoya Midori is described as A Glowing medium apple green with yellow undertones and strong gold shimmer.
Personally I love them both <3 Kind of Leaning towards Midori as My fav of the two! I also love them layered! (pic below!)
Butter London Polishes are 11ml/.4 fl oz and retail for $14 each at various places (amazon, Ulta etc)
& Zoya polishes are 15ml/.5 fl oz and retail for $8 a piece, I have only gotten them from the zoya website but they do promo's a lot I have never paid full price for a Zoya :)
All pictures were taken without a topcoat, Midori is 2 coats & Dosh is three I believe (3 or

Zoya Midori on the left & Butter London's Dosh on the right!

Close up of the bottle of Midori
Close up of the BL Dosh Bottle
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Zoya Midori on the left & Butter London's Dosh on the right!
lol Fingers look discolored here but the polish isn't :P
This picture is Zoya Midori with BL Dosh on top!! I love it!
Hope this helps Michelle!

-Sarah <3


  1. Love, love, love Dosh! It's one of my first Butter London's and I think it's great! Thanks for sharing both, may have to get Midori now!

    btw new follower and added you to my blogroll! Keep up the great work!


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