Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Franken "Outerspace & Shit" and Tons of Layering!!

Okay as for those who don't know about my new franken LOL I texted my husband pictures and he texted me back and said "It looks like outer space and shit" hahaha And I was like wow, what could be a better name hahaha so there is the little story/explanation of the name! I think I am going to name most my frankens silly names because it is fun!

Anyways! I hope everyday had (or has for those who are asleep & will hopefully read this tomorrow ;) a wonderful day!
I have had this polish on my nails a few days and it chipped so I repainted 2 layers on but you can see where it chipped & I apologize! Not sure why I didn't remove it first..sheer laziness I suppose? But if you can get past that I think it came out very pretty! I honestly do not remember everything in this so I am sorry! D: I have since started writing down my franken recipes!
"Outerspace & Shit" outside in the sunlight

I felt the need for some extra bling and added a coat of Northern lights on top of "Outerspace & Shit"
This is in sunlight also!

Here is "Outerspace & Shit" with one coat of Northern Lights taken indoors with flash.
 Then I decided since I planned to take it off the next day to just layer more on top & see how it looked!
So I grabbed Nfu oh #51
"Outerspace & Shit" with one coat of Nfu Oh #51 on top in the sunshine :)

Then I decided to Matte-ify it! <3
And why stop there?!? hehe..
I added a holo spectraflair topcoat I made ontop!! GORGEOUS seriously please take the time to click and see this and it with nfu oh up close it is (imo) beautiful!


(CLICK ME!) lol..
 Sorry for all the pictures! I was crazy bored earlier and layered a ton (my Daughter & hubby were napping so I figured why not?!)
I hope you guys liked my post, or at least somebody did :D I really had fun layering it all!
I LOVE that you can see the glitter and the flakies through pretty holo-ness :D


  1. I love it! Can we buy it? Love this purple look, It's gorgoeus and your nails are so beautiful . Love the name and the sparkle. It does look like outer space outta this world. Post as many pics as you want. (drool)


    George :)

  2. Very nice! The name rocks too :) I love flakies on purples and flakies + holo on purple = sheer awesomesauce!


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