Saturday, July 30, 2011

China Glaze-Grape Crush

Hey guys! Today's Post is ChG Grape Crush!
I couldn't really get a good picture they kept coming out dark : /
But I like it nonetheless! I love all purples <3

I broke my index finger Yesterday : / But it's okay lol
Kind of out of it today I stayed up crazy late cleaning and feel like death!


  1. What a beautiful purple! Sorry about your finger!

  2. From what collection is that? Im sad i miss it!

  3. purple glitter *drooooool*

    btw, I've left some awards for you on my blog at:

  4. Omg love the color one of my nail broke like all the way and idk if to just cut all my nails out.IT SUCKS!

  5. So gorgeous! I wish I had this one. It looks amazing on you. :)

  6. Sorry you broke your nail but that is an AWESOME purple polish.


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