Monday, July 11, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Haul!

Well I'm not sure if it constitutes for a Haul for anybody else but considering the price of these it is to me lol!
I bought this DL set off of HSN and got a great deal! I got the Polished 5 Piece Nail Care Set. First off if you make a new account you get a 15% off Coupon code! So I got this set for $42.08!! Free shipping, FIVE DL polishes for $42 !! (They retail from $16-$20 or so each!!) This is still available right HERE so if you are a huge DL fan like me go get it!! Okay are the pictures!
Deborah Lippmann Collection Polished 5-piece Nail Care Set
Show off perfectly polished nails with this nail color set from celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippman. These three highly-pigmented nail lacquers, along with a ridge-filling base coat and a fast-drying top coat, help your nails look healthy and sensational! What You GetDeborah Lippmann Collection Polished 5-piece Nail Care Set Includes:
  • .5 fl. oz. Ridge Filler Base Coat
  • .5 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer - Happy Birthday (party in a bottle glitter)
  • .5 fl. oz Nail Lacquer - Naked (clean bare beige sheer)
  • .5 fl. oz Nail Lacquer - Waking Up in Vegas (putty-liscious gray creme)
  • .5 fl. oz. Addicted to Speed Ultra Quick-Dry Top Coat  
  • Black roll-up bag

The awesome bag that it came in :D I forgot to take off the sticky clear protector thing on the logo oops :P

Addicted to Speed Ultra Quick-Dry Top Coat, Ridge Filler Base Coat, Naked, Waking Up In Vegas, & Happy Birthday

I love this bag :D


  1. Ooh, how exciting! I only own one DL polish and that's only because I won it in Jeanie's first raffle, lol. I saw this package on QVC and believe me, there was lots of drooling involved. Can't wait to see swatches. The bag is adorable, too!

  2. That bag is super awesome! I thought about getting that set... but the hubs would smack me, lol ;p

  3. My hubby was excited he was like "Is that Happy Birthday?" haha He knew what it was LOL

  4. I'm soooo jealous!!! I have been wanting Happy Birthday!

  5. I thought about buying this set just for the cute bag!


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