Sunday, July 24, 2011

Glow in the dark Hot Topic Polish (With pictures of it glowing too!)

Hello =] I bought this (along with another green one) A week or two ago! Now let me just say this is a LAYERING polish! The pictures below have a redic amount of coats, seriously like 9 or 10!
It is very pretty but not for wearing alone unless you like painting 10 coats and like seeing VNL lol!
But it was only $2.99 so it's okay with me :)

& Also it glows very well! But it is extremely hard to get good pictures of it! But you get the idea :)

& A side note-In exactly 2 months my daughter will be TWO years old!?!!! Where does the time go?


  1. so jealous that u have this and i dont!
    i really want it :'(
    its such a pretty colour, the effects are just a bonus :)

    BreezeyBee Blog

  2. I like all the glitter in it. Yum ;)

  3. Pretty polish but painting 10 coats???
    No, thanks.
    Love your blog :D

  4. its a gorgeous colour in the bottle, pity it didnt pay off, but I am sure when you layer it you will get some great combos Sarah :)

    shel xx


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