Saturday, July 16, 2011

Polishes I bought Yesterday :)

Hey guys! Here are some Pictures from what I bought yesterday :D
I really want to redo my nails but I haven't wanted  to take off my Harry Potter Mani yet lol!
Yesterday I went to Hot topic, Target, Sallys. I was already out getting new glasses so I went shopping since I had some coupons!

Mini Sally's Haul
Orly-Flirty, ChG Ravishing Dahling, ChG Awakening, Chg Metal Crackle-Latticed Lilac

I got 2 glow in the dark polishes from hot topic.

Nopi It's Not Me, It's Blue, Make a Coment-ment, & You're S-teal-the One


  1. Have you posted a pic of your new glasses yet Sarah or are they still being made? Love these polishes and I don't blame you one bit for that awesome HP mani your wearing now. These polishes from Sally's Target and Hot Topic are beautiful and can;'t wait to see swatches of them also.


    George :0

  2. i love the hot topic bottles but are they hard to polish with, with having the little lid to hold onto?

    shel xx

  3. Love the Hot Topic polishes, cant wait to see swatches of those. I've never used their polish before but the colors look pretty and the glow in the dark is a cool plus!

  4. omg! i would abso go mad for glow in the dark polishes!!!!!! i didnt even know they made those :O they would made my childhood a lil magical :/

    i love these and the orly pink too

    BreezeyBee Blog

  5. Looking forward to seeing the swatches!


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