Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Julep Maven "IT GIRL" Box!

Hey guys!! Okay First off I am SO sorry I haven't posted in what feel like a month!
I really wish I had a good reason, My brother moved out on Monday, without his extra help around here I was busier, and I converted his room to Skylar's (my daughter)
 new big girl room! I had to put her new bed, dresser, and side table together! My awesome generous sister & BIL bought her all of those things & also a new bedset & a dolly for her Bday, which is next month!
Can't believe she is almost 2! And then that killed my nails, THEN she (Sky) lost my nail art brushes & nail file (which is STILL missing! Who knows where it went! Kids hide things amazingly well!)
I paint my nail way to messy to post without my cleanup brush, and I felt a little uninspired but I am back!!

Anyway! Today's post is on what I am sure you all have heard about and sick of hearing about by now, the Julep monthly subscription. Basically this is a Birchbox for nail products!
Now I was pleased with this, but I don't plan to keep the subscription, to be honest I canceled it already lol!
I just can't or don't want to spend $20 on a monthly box from them at this point in time, But I used the coupon code smh9oxu for $15 off, so I got it for $5!

Took pictures of everything for you guys!

 The items in my box (It Girl Themed) are Emilie & Sienna. 
I also got their base coat & this awesome  Glycolic hand scrub that I love!

 Fofr today's post I used Emilie, is a Evergreen creme And I think is is a great color ( I love greens!)
It's versatile, to me anyway. I think it works for spring & fall! Julep Polishes Retail for $14
But if that code works I think you should all get at least one Julep Box, take the Julep Maven quiz & get this! @ polishes, a nail treatment and a handscrub! Who can beat that?! The hand scrub alone normally retails for $32!

Missed you guys! Check out my post tomorrow! This polish + HOLO & Flakies ;)


  1. So fun! I have mine coming. It shipped so hopefully SOON!

  2. thaat nail polish is so pretty!

    and congrats to sky for both the room and the hiding skills :P

    Breezeybee Blog

  3. I got IT girl too! :D I love the polishes and hand scrub. I think I will keep my subscription for a little while and see what happens.

  4. Yes I was very happy with it! Me cancelling had NOTHING to do with the products, just me being broke LOL I might get it again after October! Next month is my daughters bday & Oct we are going to visit Family In Kansas so we have been saving for those.

    Wait until you see tomorrow's post!!

    @BreezeyBee It's crazy I can't find this nail file for anything, it sucks! I think I am just going to break down and order a new one, sucks too I loved my OPI crystal file!

  5. Welcome back! I have my first box coming soon. I got an email saying it was shipped. I got the "American Beauty" box!

  6. glad you are back :D i love that colour but cant wait to see it with the changes :D

  7. I got this same box-love this green!!


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