Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Madd Style Cosmetics Haul! Eyeshadow Swatches & Gorgeous Frankens made with them!!*Pic Heavy*

*Sorry about the linking Issues! Fixed now! Maybe I shouldn't B;log at 3am anymore?! LOL*

Hey guys! A few of my friends were talking about this brand and I really wanted to try it out! So I placed a order on the 7th & I received it yesterday! I was So excited and couldn't wait to play with them!
If you are interested in ordering Madd Style Cosmetics you can do so HERE.
Everything she sells is handmade by her and are 100% Vegan and Cruelty free, Even the packaging!
HERE is the FB Page!

The single eyeshadows are $5 each & come in 5g amounts. You can also order Any 5 shadows for $20!
That's what I did :D Then I also bought She Bop for $3! She does deals for certain colors of the week at discounted prices! There is a wide variety of awesome colors with epic names!!
This is the Super cute packaging that it came in!

Again SUPER cute! I love this sticker so much that I saved it lol!
& She sent a free sample! Somehow I forgot to swatch it, Sorry! D:

Here are the ingredients that the Piggiez contain!

The colors I ordered are Lust for Life, Final Fantasy, Disco Buscuit,
She Bop, Atomic Dreamland & Monster Mash! There are so many I still want!
 Here are swatches -Wet& Dry.
I've never don't makeup swatches before for I'm sorry at this mess LOL
But I will learn! I really want my blog to have all kinds of cosmetic & beauty items, But I am a Polish addict hehe and usually I can't resist!
This was my eye look today, Now I am pretty darn amateur when it comes to doing makeup, or I think so at least. Just saying I do not think I am pro or anything but I enjoy doing it and I hope you guys like it!
 For my eyes I used two of my new shadows! Atomic Dreamland in my inner corner & Lust for Life in my outer corner & crease. I also used Virgin from my UD Naked Palette to highlight my brow bone.
 On my lower lashline and water line I used Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Rockstar & put a little of LFL over that. The mascara I used was the one that came in my Birchbox this month, blinc Mascara-I was pretty underwhelmed with this : /
 LOL My eye looks pretty darn freaked out in this pic, but let's hope I get better at taking makeup photos! hehe
And OF COURSE being the Nail polish addict that I am I simply HAD to franken these babies up!!
*Made with Lust for Love*
*Made with Final Fantasy*
(How could I NOT buy it with that name?!)
*Made with Monster Mash*
*Made with Disco Biscuit*
*Made with Atomic Dreamland*
What do you guys think? I highly recommend checking out her Piggiez!
Which Polish is your Fave?


  1. Your eyes look lovely.very pretty nail polish!

  2. amazing..... <3 loved all the nail polishes :)

  3. Wow!!
    I love this blue franken!

  4. WOW! how did you make these into polishes? Just added them to clear?

  5. Very cool! I like the green one!

  6. Thanks Guys :D

    Jacki yes I just added them to clear!

  7. I love the franken that you made with these shadows! I have bookmarked the site, for next time that I am looking for pigments to franken with... AMAZING!!!
    What base did you use for your frankens?

  8. Lust for Life is one of my favorite piggiez, and it makes an AMAZING polish. O.O


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