Monday, August 15, 2011

Stripes & Polka Dots with Barielle's!

Hey guys! Today's nails are Stripes & Polka Dots, I saw Kayla from do her nails like this (But Much MUCH better lol)
 I should have looked at hers right before I did my nails and tried to make it look more like it,
Instead I just aimlessly made dots and stripes :P

 All the polishes used today are Barielle's :D
From left to right Aura Angora, Cashmere or Loose Me, Putt-E-On Me, Lava Rock, & Blackened Bleu

 Sorry about the smudgey bottle! *-*

I like this a lot, it's very Fall looking, but I wear all polish colors all year anyway!

Hope you all have a fantastic day! 


  1. Oh wow, Love this!!!!
    Great color selection! :)

  2. I love this! The colors go together so well!

  3. I love this, especially because the dots are different finishes instead of all cremes!

  4. i am so loving these colors together!!

  5. Ohhh....this is very nice! I love that some of the dots are creames and some are shimmers, and your base color really makes the colors stand out too.

  6. This is very pretty! I am in love with that blackened blue!!


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