Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog Revamp & Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers-Black Magic

Hey guys! Before I get to the post & pictures I wanted to say sorry (again!) That I didn't post for like a week, I was & still am sick. I am finally getting better but my husband brought home a awful cold, and then of course he passed it onto me and then I passed it onto our daughter Skylar :( It has NOT been a fun week! I was achy and feverish with chills for days, along with a horrid migraine. But the good news is I am getting better now! And since I didn't feel up to posting I decided to revise the blog! I know the header is hard to read, I just didn't want to leave it empty but that is just a temporary one for now!

I would love to hear any feedback on the new layout and anything else from you guys! It isn't perfect bit I needed a break from it but I will finish it up soon!

Fantasy Makers-Black Magic is a Black polish with multi-colored micro glitter throughout it.
It even almost seemed a tinsy bit jelly-ish to me! It took 2 coats for full opacity in person but I added a third coat for pictures.

How freaking cute are these little tombstone bottles?!? 

I really love this polish! It applied great! Not a huge fan of the brush but it worked really well!

To be honest I was going to pass on it, I thought I didn't really need it, or might have a similar polish but went for it anyway because the cute bottle. BUT I was very pleasantly surprised! I am so glad I got it, really loving it! I had a friend pick it up for me and mail it to me because I don't have any cool Halloween polishes out near me yet. (that I know of) I'd assume places like Rite Aid, Walgreens etc will have these!

Hope you all have a wonderful day today!!


  1. i have this and still haven't worn it. but these pictures are so gorgeous i might have to hop on it now lol

  2. I passed this over the other day too! Now I need to go back and get it cause I just love how that looks - thanks so much for sharing ;)

  3. I just love this color!!
    And his bottle!

  4. I love the new layout. It's clean and easy to navigate which is my fave type of site. Onto the polish! Freaking adorable! I love the little bottles. So cute!

  5. That looks just like WNW Blackmail.. :-)

  6. I am glad you are feeling better! Great swatch!

  7. I was considering this, but I have a similar polish from their standard collection. Also, it looks like the brush would be hard to handle...

  8. whered your friend pick this beauty up??


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