Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Madd Style Cosmetics! Eyeshadow Samples!

I had to get some of these samples from Madd Style Cosmetics, because I love my other ones I purchased from them! I wish I had gotten better pictures, I don't feel these give all the colors 100% justice, they just sparkle to great in person! All the swatches are done dry, but they pop even more when you apply them wet or with a mixing medium!

It costed $4.00 for these 5 samples, along with $2.00 for shipping, so $6.00 total.
You can buy Madd Style Cosmetics HERE.

Glitter Bitches & Kitty Wompous.

Princess Buttahcup, xRay Spex, & Poison berry.

Top Left- xRay Spex Top Right-Poison Berry  Bottom Left-Glitter Bitches Bottom Right- Kitty Wumpous

Princess Buttahcup & Never Ending Summer

Glitter Bitches & Kitty Wumpous

xRay Spex & Poison Berry

On a random note! What fall shows/series are you guys watching or excited to start up again?
I'm a huge Tv junkie so I have been enjoying all the shows coming back on! I can't wait for
The big Bang Theory later & Community, Parks & Rec, and The Vampire Diaries, it started last week but still excited to see it later!! -Hope everybody has a fantastical day!
Oooh and btw My daughter will be two years old in 2 Days!!! :D



  1. I can't wait to Try my new ones with eye looks! I would have included one but my new makeup brushes aren't here yet! :D Thanks for the comments! <3 <3


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