Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Orly-Fowl Play Swatches!

Hey guys! I have been wanting this since it came out!
Orly-Fowl Play is a dupe for Opi's Merry Midnight, which is a htf polish!
So I was VERY excited to get this! Although i had to get a friend to buy it for me and pay them shipping because the closest Ulta is two hours away. (The Birds of a Feather Collection is Ulta exclusive.)

This is 4 coats, but you Do not need this many, Three is plenty, I'm not sure if you can go with 2 or not but I added a forth because I have had it on and wanted to make sure it looked nice & fresh for you all!

Fowl Play is a deep jelly purple base packed full of flakies and microglitter. There are some WAY better desciptions out there but this polish is so gorgeous and hard to describe, I just know that you NEED it!
Click the pictures to enlarge so it does it *some* justice!

I hope everybody has a absolutely wonderful great day today! 


  1. your swatch of this is wonderful! It's a hard polish to photo for some reason! great job.. *pats on back*

  2. Thanks guys!

    That means a lot to me Kristin! :D

    I don't want to take it off! But I want to redo them at the same time lol!

  3. Gorgeous swatches! :)

    Also, come hang out with me soon? :)

  4. Excellent swatches girl!!! You just made me want this!

  5. this iss so pretty!
    and im loving the new layout too
    BreezeyBee Blog

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  7. Whoa, that polish is seriously beautiful!


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