Monday, October 10, 2011

Shatter Splatter Mani! +holo topcoat!

Hello! =]
Today's Manicure is a Splatter one! Using Crackle & Shatter polishes!

For those who don't know how to do Splatter mani's Here is the gist! You take straws (I use full sized ones, cut in half), dip them into the bottle of polish & blow it onto your base color for a really cool effect!

It came in my mind to try it with Shatter/Crackle polish to see how it came out!
I am really digging this Mani!

I tape around my nails because this is a mess, and it wastes some polishes but Idc I think it looks neat!
Plus who am I kidding I have tons of polish lol!

The pictures aren't the best, so bear with them! I wasn't very happy with any of the pictures but I am too lazy to retake them!  I might in a few and add them. Man it is hard to get pictures of my Non picture hand! Especially with a Canon Rebel Dslr!

Here is my Left Hand.

No the best cleanup hehe

& My Right Hand! ( Which I admittedly don't take as well care of as my picture one *hides*)

Both my thumb nails are looking wonky atm, I get annoyed with them and clip them off or they break
D: Can't stand having long thumb nails, it makes it too hard to take out contacts!

& of course here are the polishes I used!
Top row L-R: China Glaze-Grape Pop, China Glaze-Latticed Lilac, & China Glaze-Lightening Bolt.
Bottom Row L-R: Opi-Black Shatter, OPI-Silver Shatter, & Seche Vite topcoat.

 After I typed this up I decided to add some holo topcoat!

Mmm look at that scattered holo goodness!!

I hope everybody's day has been spectacular!


  1. That's interesting. I'm not a shatter fan but splattering is a clever use of them.

  2. oooooooh, crackle splatter...very creative, Ms. Sarah!!!! and it looks spectacular!

  3. This is awesome! I haven't tried the splatter mani yet!

  4. I love this a lot! I have yet to try it!

  5. Splatter mani's are my fav to do. I just did one for fall. Love your idea.

  6. That is so pretty.I love the color combo

  7. Ooh, this looks really interesting!

  8. I love this splatter mani! The colors together are awesome! The holo really adds to it too!

  9. I like what the crack did! What a great idea!

  10. This is soooo cool! Spattering shatter, what a great idea and so well executed. Although I love holo I don't like it as much over the shatter splatter, that was already perfect on it's own!!!

  11. I LOVE this!!! very cool :)


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