Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yesterdays Small Haul!

Very small haul, but oh well! I went to Sally's & Kmart yesterday and picked up this stuff!

3 China Glaze polishes from the Metro Collection-Loft-y Ambitions, Westside Warrior & Urban-Night.
Milani-Purple Gleam & Purple Outline nail art polsih.

I picked up the Poshe topcoat, I have been meaning to try it out I have heard great things!
And I got a free Poshe Cuticle Care for buying the TC!  Woot!

Used all of my cotton balls so I got some cotton rounds, there have a outside layer type thing on them and I wanted to see if they would leave less lint then the balls! Seem okay so far, I don't think they will be 100% Lint free but they seem to be a massively huge improvement next to cotton balls!

That's what I did today! And I went to Hobby Lobby! I went to Kmart to look for Maybelline Cool Couture and Purple Trend but no luck! I've looked at like 8 stores now :(

Today we are headed to Nashville to go to the Mall there and get our daughter some new clothes!
She is growing so fast now!! Maybe I will find something good in Sephora :D


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