Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cult Nails Super Power Collection Swatches! Clairvoyant/Unicorn Puke!

Hey guys!! Super excited post for you today! Yesterday I got my Pre-ordered Cult Nails Super Powers Collection in the mail! /cheer
Now this was supposed to go up WAY earlier but my camera or SD card majorly FAILED again!
I had swatched the entire collection and none of it was on the card or my camera, I seriously wanted to cry.
But I pulled up my big girl panties are started over lol

Also since this was supposed to be posted yesterday I had my Thanksgiving mani scheduled for today also SO make sure to come back check it out, it is super adorable!

You can purchase this Collection from Cult Nails HERE for $40.00

Here is Power Thief, it needed three coats for me, just barely but there was a little bit of patchy sheerness with two. I love this polish! I see myself wearing it a ton in the future! It makes me think of Chocolate Milk!
It glided on effortlessly and the formula was great imo!

Here is Power Thief with a coat of Clairvoyant aka Unicorn Puke over it!

Here is Mind Control. The formula on this is very thin, and the first coat doesn't go on that evenly, or it didn't for me but the second and third went on perfectly. Just 3 Very thin coats and it dried fast, the glitter wasn't a pain to remove either!
I know the second picture is blurry but I wanted you to see how sparkly it is!
 Mind Control with one coat of Clairvoyant on top!

 This is Time Traveler, the only one that I had a bit of application issues with..not horrible by any means but it is just really thick and I might add a drop or two of thinner so it applies a little easier :) But It is SO close to being a one coater, barely needed a second!
 *Tip* though Double up on basecoat, this is a stainer! You can see it stained me just from swatching it! Gorgeous color, makes me think of Wonder Woman! It's a bit more Vibrant, my camera had issues with it.

Time Traveler with one coat of Clairvoyant.
And here is the holy grail itself, Clairvoyant, Unicorn Puke, pure awesomesauce whatever you want to call it-it is amazing!!

This is 4-5 coats lol Definitely a Layering polish, but I wanted you to see it on it's own too!

Hope you guys liked the swatches! I had to do them twice but it was worth it!
Check back in a few days for a upcoming Clairvoyant mani! I found an AMAZING layering combo!!


  1. Thanks for the swatches! My super power coollection is sitting on my desk, patiently waiting for me to try them. Well except clairvoyant which I had already had fun with in the unicorn puke variety (or, as you called it, the holy grail!)

  2. Swatches are gorgeous, how fab is Mind Control

  3. This collection is on my wish list and I'm really hoping I get it for Christmas! lol

  4. Really pretty! Those are nice colors.

  5. I just adore this collection. I am SO glad I pre ordred it too!

  6. I'm absolutely loving your swatches of this collection! I have it ordered for myself (I will forever order all of the cult nails collections) but was looking for good swatches to pick a few shades for a friend of mine! Your post was SUPER SUPER SUPER helpful!
    Thank you!


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