Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nicole by Opi Kim-pletely In Love

Couldn't decide what to wear on my nails today so I picked this since I knew I hadn't tried it yet! lol The name is pretty hilarious due to current events, but regardless it is a very pretty color! I thought I would like it on me more though : /
It's probably because it is SUCH a girly shade lol I'd recommend using a nude color under it or a basecoat like DL's ridge filler that helps with sheer polishes! Alot of other bloggers used 3 coats and it looked fine but idk I used 4 and still VNL!
It is a very pretty light milky-ish baby pink color with what looks like blue and green mirco shimmer/glassflecks in it!
I think I will stamp over this and I will like it more..
Okay gotta go make dinner! <3 lol 


  1. this is a nice light baby pink! maybe cause the other bloggers used a thicker coat?

  2. Beautiful Baby Pink!

  3. I like it...but I'm fond of pink that I can do a french manicure with...or stamp with black on it I love pink with black!

  4. I bought this too thinking from the swatches I had seen it would be much less sheer. I'm quite tempted to put it in the swap pile. I haven't decided yet as I'm still getting used to pink and my skintone.

  5. So pretty! By the time I found this display, this one was already sold out :( boo! My search will continue, because I have to have this!

  6. Thanks guys! Posting a mani with this color but with stamping added tomorrow!


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