Friday, December 30, 2011

Illamasqua-Poke Swatches!

Hey guys! Today's post is the GORGEOUS Illamasqua Polish Poke!
& Also my very first Illamasqua polish!
It is so beautiful! I'm in <3 This is three thin coats of pure beauty!!
The Formula was fantastic, went on so evenly for me.

Purple's are crazy hard to capture right but I tried as hard as I could to get close, unfortunately I didn't get to take photo's in sunlight but maybe tomorrow! But anyway it is a little less blue toned and more true purple irl.

Yay for my new Macro lens!! I love it! All the shimmer jampacked in Poke is Amazing!
This polish retails for $14.00 at (or of course in Sephora stores)


  1. I'm in love!!! Hate that about purples sometimes. So hard to get the right color on camera.

  2. This is beyond gorgeous! Adding it to my purple wish list xD

  3. This looks great on you, I have this but haven't worn yet :s xx

  4. aw i love this, is beautiful! :)

  5. So pretty!! I really love this color :)

  6. Such a pretty purple. If I owned every purple polish I see, it'd be bad for my bank account. lol.. Must look away now!


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