Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Milani High Speed Fast Dry Review!

Hi guys I have a review for you today! I have part of the Milani High speed fast dry limited edition polishes!

They are supposed to be a one coat formula, but honestly I used two with all of them but Violet Rush.
I just wasn't happy with the coverage from the reast with one coat, that said the formula's for these were awesome and reminded me of the Zoya Summertime collection, overall just wonderful creme's.
So in other words imo a perfect formula and consistency, The first coats on a few were streaky, but the second applied wonderfully.
They did dry faster than normal polishes, not insanely or instantaneously but after a good 3-4 minutes dry to the touch without smudging, not sure if they would still get dings at the point but then topped with SV they were completely dry very fast!

And for those who don't read every post I am letting my hands and cuticles get dry for an upcoming review so i'm sorry they aren't perfect atm. lol
From left to right: Milani-Yellow Whiz, Milani-Jiffy Orange & Milani-Hot Pink Frenzy.
Milani-Fast Fuchsia, and Milani-Violet Dash

Here is Yellow Whiz-LOL I LOVE the name of this, but aside from that I love the formula. This has officially taken my #1 Favorite Yellow Creme finish award! This is two coats, the first was a bit streaky, but not 
nearly as bad as all of the other yellow's I have tried! It just makes me think of banana's! Bright yellow creme finish, but anyway This was my favorite, so bright but not neon I just <3 it! 
This is Jiffy Orange, very pretty and went on great! I used two coats. It is a creme but looks squishy-ish!
This is Hot Pink Frenzy..I am sorry about this picture and how gross & ghostly it makes my finger's was the one that showed the color best. I had a hard time capturing this polish it is kind of coral-y and pink..Poral? Not in love with this one to be honest : /
This is the only one out of the bunch I got with shimmer in it, very subtle but pretty.

 This one is Fast Fuchsia, I LOVE this one so much, a bright-but not too bright- pink creme. It very much reminds me of Zoya-Areej, not sure if they are dupes but if anybody is interested I could test. Just a beautiful, very bright but not neon, I will be wearing this a lot in the spring! again two coats.

& Here is Violet Dash, a gorgeous color as well, a light violet creme, it leans a tiny bit blue but is so pretty in person, this is one coat!!

Here is a comparison between the brushes, I much prefer the fast dry brushes to the regular ones personally!

I say these are a buy, especially the yellow I highly recommend Yellow Whiz (lol-but for cereal ;P)
If you have been wanting Areej and find Fast Fuchsia grab it!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! & hurry back I have a super cute holiday mani coming tomorrow..or maybe even later today.. (You know I'm impatient!)
-Sarah~! <3

These polishes were sent to me from the above company for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.


  1. Very pretty swatches !!! Im not into yellows but I like the name

  2. These look great! I'm in love with Violet Dash!! Gotta have it ;0)

  3. Awesome review...Pretty polishes

  4. I love that yellow!! So pretty!

  5. my favs or the purple and the orange one


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