Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A England-Tristam Swatches!!

Okay guys I'm going to try to make this a short post, well in terms of writing. I am sleepy and really should be in bed (though I'm scheduling this so you will see it in the morning)
And Frankly this post doesn't need much gibber-jabber anyway,
the polish is so gorgeous and absolutely speaks itself!

I was a little sad that I haven't ordered the new A England collection yet, so I decided I would rejoice in the beauty from one that I already own!

The new Legends Collection looks so amazing, it has me more excited than I have felt in a LONG time for a collection, and even more rarely I actually want every single one of them...
Not want I NEED them lol. I am so impressed by this company in terms of their product quality, and just how beautiful they are. Every shade is just perfect to me. I only have two A England polishes, and they are expensive, but they really stand out to me among a lot of other companies.

And finally (because I said I wouldn't talk-yeah that worked!)
Two perfect coats of Tristam.

Okay guys! I am off to bed! Eeek! At 3am!! But this post was worth it!!
I highly recommend this brand if you have money to spare! They are beautiful!!
If you don't then close this immediately D: Because you will need it!

I hope everybody has a fantastic day today! Happy Wednesday!

You can buy A england polishes from
 Adina on her site or
Leah Ann on her site


  1. I've been eyeing this one for awhile, but I have such a hard time biting the $$$-bullet! I have to just go for it, because they are so beautiful, they haunt my dreams :) Fantastic swatches!

  2. It's a beautiful nail polish and some even more beautiful pictures of it! :)

  3. oh my! the sparkle in this is so captivating! i, i KNOW I NEED thissss!!!

  4. Ahh this is gorgeous. I have not had the opportunity to try A England yet. I hope to soon. I hope they ship to Canada.

  5. Pam I'm not sure about Llarowe, but I believe both ship to Canada, Adina now offers free wordwide shipping everywhere!

  6. Ahhh such gorgeous swatches! I ordered this from Llarowe recently, can't wait for it to arrive!

  7. One day I will own a-England polish. For the moment though I will just admire your Tristam swatches! It's such a gorgeous color and you've captured it really well.

  8. How thick is the formula for this? I just have such a bad tendency for smudging with layers. This makes me want to break out of my pale shimmers in a bad way. Lady of the Lake is beckoning me to get her...

  9. OMG I love this color and this brand!!! I own 4 from this collection and just ordered 3 from the new one!!! I need more!!!


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