Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fuck off and Dye Leopard....Mani!

LOL Just kidding I love leopards & all animals, but come on I just had to :P

Hi guys! This post is Manglaze's epicly names Fuck off and Dye with Leopard print stamped over it!
Sorry I didn't take a picture of it alone I'm just so tired and want to get to bed but I will wear it again soon!

First I started with Basecoat (Cnd Stickey I believe) + 2 coats of Fuck off and Dye.
Then I stamped over it with Zoya-Trixie, using Red Angel Plate RA-107, and stamped over them again with the same image using Kleancolor-Metallic Black.

I'll be honest not 100% thrilled with this mani, I don't know I just kind of suck at stamping and haven't in almost 2 months so this mani isn't perfect..but I plan to practice more. So get ready to see more stamping on my blog! :)

 & with topcoat!
 Hope you guys have an amazing day! I don't really want you to Fuck off & dye ;)


  1. These are so awesome! Glad you decided to call your post this after all :P

  2. The name of the polish is awesome and I think it's still an awesome stamping job. Very cool.


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