Monday, February 13, 2012

A little bit of love :)

Hey guys, I meant to do so many Valentine's Themed Mani's but never got around to it :(
Sorry about that, I might anyway I mean just love themed ones who cares if it is on a certain day anyway :P
Here is a really simple mani, I planned for something more elaborate but I loved this franken so much that I just didn't want to cover very much of it! It is unnamed but absolutely lovely if I do say so myself!
I used it over Zoya-Kendall just for the sake of making it last longer but it looks very close to this when used just by using the franken.

 I used a nail art brush to *try* to draw a heart with black polish, then once dry again with white polish leaving some of the black. Then of the white I used the gorgeous holo HITS-Hestia!

Hope you guys liked it, not perfect but I think it is cute! And just because I kind of have to share because I am SO in love with it! Here is my Valentines Day present from my awesome husband!!

It's a right hand ring but I look the pictures with my left hand since those nails aren't broken lol!
Shout out to Gemvara for making amazing, beautiful, unique elegant jewelry. I highly recommend them!


  1. I like the franken a lot! It's both Valentine's Day appropriate and any day appropriate. That ring is amazing! Great gift.

  2. Such a beautiful franken!! Love the heart on the accent nail!

  3. Where would I purchase the glitter nailpolish you used over the gray polish?

  4. It's a franken polish I made Gabby :( sorry if I had more id give you one, but I only have one mini left :(


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