Monday, March 12, 2012

3/11 EOTD, Some Sugar Pill Swatches, and some sillyness too!

Hey guys, I have been feeling depressed lately and been slacking on the blog front, my nails are naked D:
But here was my makeup from yesterday! The first eye pics are horrible quality (cellphone) But was right after I did them, the rest are from 8-9 hours later including a nap, so it does look less than perfect lol.
I got some Sugar Pill and love it though!

Here are quick swatches of the colors I used in this look!

The White is the only non Sugar Pill color!
(L-R):Fyrinnae-Marshmellow Puffs, SP Darling, Absinthe, Tipsy, & Junebug.

The bottom inner corner and well all of it looked better right after, I cleaned up the inner corner with a wet wipe prior to the better quality pics. But I usually don't even have time to put on makeup before my daughter wakes up and I didn't have time for photos then : / Sorry!
Liner-Kat Von D Tattoo, & C over Girl Lashblast Mascara

Okay and here is some real fun haha, to me atleast! The other night I just couldn't go to bed, I was waiting on my ambien to kick in (which I Obviously haven't taken yet or I'd be in bed!!)
But anyway I decided to play with makeup I effed up my line from blinking and just went fuck it and started fooling around. Somehow I ended up with butterfly eyes LOL Yeah ambien makes me do weird things..
I wouldn't ever wear this out (maybe halloween but yeah!) I thought it was fun and wanted to share :)

 Oops before I had mascara and lashes on! Btw this was my first time EVER putting on and wearing false lashes, I didn't have tweezers to use and they were coming off a bit and a little too long but you live and you learn right? I'd had them for months and was like what the hell!
LOL I felt like a fairy or something I put blush on my forehead trying to get it to match my other eye I guess?
And then glitter! No upcloses of the pink eye, because I didn't like the turn out! T
hese were all SP colors too, Mostly Birthday girl & Magnetric on the pink eye, Royal sugar on the blue! Tiara  in the inner corners.

 Yeah I know I'm weird, and because it wouldn't feel complete without one, here is a picture of me crossing one eye! So fun! I'm silly and don't take myself too seriously, encase you didn't know :)
LOL Okay I am off to sleep, I hope you guys enjoy some of this post! At least get a laugh out of it haha!


  1. For a makeup fail it's really pretty, plus the blue & pink/purple eye match good together :o)

  2. Too cute! I love both looks! (even your cross-eyed one ;) )

  3. Sarah, you are beautiful!!!! Love your 'fairy/butterflies', and the shades you used are so complimentary to your colouring! I especially love the lip colour - so soft and feminine.

  4. Could you be any freaking cuter? Love it!

    <3 Shannon

  5. HAHAHA that last picture <3 you goof!

  6. You are so beautiful and the Nicki minaj eyes at the end was funny as hell LOL

  7. These are gorgeous, just like you! I absolutely love it! I think it's awesome that you embrace your silliness and let it shine! Always a pleasure!

  8. I definitely lol'd when I got to that last picture, you so crazy. ♥


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