Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Girly Bits Into the Night, Rogue & Cosmic Ocean! Swatches & Review!

Here are some more Girly Bits for you all!! I hope you love them as much as I do!
Into the Night is a black jelly, jam packed with multiple colours of glitter, holo glitter and pink shimmer. Only took 2 coats!

This is a effing great polish called RogueIt is a red jelly, with pink, violet and red glitter.
It took quite a few coats..I think this is 4. 
Beautiful polish I'll probably layer it over a red jelly  next time though!
This makes me miss my Rogue on Wow :) I haven't played in months!!

Two coats of Cosmic Ocean over Zoya-Bevin.
Awesome shimmer that shifts from blue to green! 
It shifts a lot more over a darker color, but I really liked this combo!

I hope you all are having a good day!
I'm not feeling my best :( Feeling sick, and tired! I woke up early and started Physical Therapy for my knee's today and then came home and cleaned up a bunch. I can't wait for bed!
Anyway here is the purchasing info! :) <3 you all!!

You can Purchase Pam's Girly Bit's from 
Pam's personal blog here http://pamsgirlybits.blogspot.com/
from Leah Ann at http://shop.llarowe.com/

There are two different sizes to choose from and the price varies from $6-$13
Depending on the size and where you order it.

These polishes were sent to me for the purpose of swatching & a 100% honest unbiased review.


  1. Beautiful!!! Rogue and Cosmic Ocean are my favorites!

  2. GREAT swatches - and you KNOW how much I love Rogue!! <3 I agree - it's lovely on its own, but layering it over a red jelly or creme will extend her life. :o)

  3. Great swatches Sarah. It's great to see Cosmic Ocean over a light color! ♥

  4. Beautiful colors, the last one is my favorite! Also, I really feel the need to mention that your photo quality is amazing. I love reading your blog and knowing that I can see nice, clean pictures. Random, just wanted you to know. (:

  5. Into the night is Gorgeous!

  6. Thanks so much guys!

    Minty Thank you!! <3 That truly means so much to me!! <3
    You made my day better!!

  7. Into the night is so so gorgeous! I LOVE the depth the glitter gives!


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