Friday, March 23, 2012

Glitter Gal-Turbulence (Holo Silver! Eeek!)

Hey guys!! I know posts have been a *tad* sparse! Just been sick and doing PT 2x a week and LOTS of napping and sleeping! That's actually why I am here posting at almost 5am! I keep napping late like 5pm-7pm and can't sleep, even with Ambien! Just trying to kick this awful cold! My Husband and Daughter are better but nope of course not me!! Working out while sick is NO fun, I feel so drained!! But I have been feeling slightly better so I think it is coming to it's end shortly! But in short I have been so unmotivated! I have had the same mani on for 5 FIVE days, that hasn't happened in..well honestly probably nearly a year LOL and before that they were just naked for days! But one of my amazing friends Sarah from

sent me two amazing full size Glitter Gal's! This one Turbulence and Bondi Blue! And in the new epic packaging!! I really need to find something incredibly awesome to send her for the kind presents!!<3

Anyway to the photo's! I couldn't cut it anymore, they were all just so beautiful! I love this way more even than my Gosh Holo! It's so sparkly even in low-lighting ugh so pretty you all need this, so worth the pricetag!!

Okay off to try to sleep! <3 You guys!!


  1. If my nails looked that blingy I don't think I would be able to sleep! :D

  2. I love Glitter Gal holo's , they're amazing! How many coats is this?

  3. I forgot to mention in the post! *doh* It was opague for me in three coats, but this is four because I reapplied a coat before I took pictures since it was on for a few days!, and the formula is a dream

    It dries fast unlike nfuohs and such!

  4. Wow, this is one of the best holos I've seen in a while. I haven't tried any Glitter Gals yet but this one just moved to the top of the wishlist!

  5. Holy Holo! This looks amazing!

  6. <333 this is such an awesome polish!

  7. Woooow, so holo-y! I want, I want!

  8. I think I have the same problem/cold as you! Cant sleep all night then sleep til late afternoon...gotta break this habit! But its a good time to surf thru all the blogs for new ideas!

    Thx for posting



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