Saturday, April 14, 2012

Black Jelly Glitter Sammich!

Hey guys! I've really been in a Jelly Sandwich mood lately, I did one almost exactly like this a month or two ago and loved it! I didn't get pictures and blog about it though.

First I started off with one coat of Milani-Black Swift.
Ontop of that I added Nicole by Opi-Make a Comet-ment. That's the part I did differently this time, last time I only used the Lynn)
Then I added a thin coat of Lynnderella-Mercury's Rainbow.
And Lastly a coat of a franken Black Jelly polish I made with China Glaze-Liquid Leather and Clear Polish.

First here are pictures before I added the black Jelly :)

+ black jelly

Hope you all have a wonderful day! I'm excited, tomorrow we are going to take Skylar to the Zoo for the first time :D I hope she has a lot of fun!

-Sarah <3


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