Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dollish Polish Swatches & Review of Space, The Final Frontier & Team Salvatore.

Good Morning All! :) Well not too good here, I'm not feeling good and just threw up out of nowhere :(
That isn't going to make Physical Therapy any easier, and neither will the fact that I'm awake at 5 am..
But I have a feeling that I will fall right to sleep after I post this!
Dedication!! Feel loved you guys :)
I feel awful right now but I am thinking of you! I just have to share these swatches with you!

Today's post is one I am very excited for! Two polishes from Dolly, Dollish Polish!!
I love these two so SO much! <3 I have worn each at least twice since they got them, and that is pretty darn rare for me to wear the same polish again that often! 

 First off here is Space, the Final Frontier.
 I really want to sleep, feel awful so I'm going to skip explaining the colors,
but swatches speak louder than words :)
3 thin coats of the Star Trek inspired- Space, the Final Frontier.
This polish was a tad thin, but not runny or hard to work with at all, it applied very smoothly.

These last two pictures were with a daylight lamp, the others with camera flash.

Next up is Dollish Polish-Team Salvatore.
Omg YES, I LOVE The Vampire Diaries, which is what this is inspired from!
Mmm Damon Salvatore. /drool
I used one pretty thick coat over China Glaze-Ravishing Dahling.
I love this polish, I did have to "maneuver" a little bit, kind of like with most Lynnderella's.
Just took a little work to get the amount of red glitter I wanted, I wish it just had a little bit more red.
It spread out very well & evenly. I just went back and added more of the bigger pieces I wanted.
Completely smooth with 2 coats of Seche Vite.

Since I used it in this post I figured I'd show China Glaze-Ravishing Dahling alone too.
I chose it because it looks like the color of blood :D
What better color to use for a Vampire inspired polish?!
This is two coats, I messed up the pinky a bit but meh :) (this is a jelly polish)

You can purchase Dollish Polish from her Etsy shop HERE
She sells full size bottles for $8.00, and mini's too!
Her Etsy is closed currently but will open up again really soon!
Her polishes are so great, I can't wait to get more!!

Check out her Blog, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter!

*Some of the products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*

I'm going to go get some much needed rest, but I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I have!
-Sarah <3


  1. i've only tried team salvatore over white so far, cannot believe how awesome it looks over blood red!!!! Are vampires the best thing to affect nail polish trends or what?!!!

  2. Love space the final frontier. Ravishing dahling is also a sexy, sophisticated gorgeous color.

  3. this is GORGEOUS! and I also love China Glaze-Ravishing Dahling!

  4. Team Salvatore is actually not inspired by The Vampire Diaries, it is inspired by Twilight :)
    Great swatches btw <3


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