Saturday, April 14, 2012

Not a polish post, but Info about my life upcoming events!

Hey guys! I hope everybody is doing really good! I'm not sure if I had mentioned it before or not on here BUT!
My husband is getting out of the Army on May 1st! He will have completed his 4 years he signed up for .
I'm really excited and nervous for this new transition coming up, really excited that we will be moving by some family! (Shout out to my Awesome Sister Marilyn, & Brother Jesse! Along with my two Nephews)
This is the main reason I trimmed my nails down and have been a bit nubby lately. It will likely stay this way until we are moved, hopefully nobody minds! I assumed they would break anyway sorting through everything and getting rid of un-wanted and un-needed things. 
Just figured I'd give my readers a heads up! Anybody out there living in Kansas? lol

It will really be the first time we have done anything other than the Military lifestyle, since we moved in together anyway. It's a scary thing moving somewhere new and starting over, but I haven't lived near family in such a long time I can't wait for that! But anyway, I'm going to head to bed stayed up late watching movies with the hubs and I am sleepy! I hope you guys keep us in your thoughts! Dh hasn't exactly secured a job yet, though he has had a couple offers so it is a bit nerve wracking! But I'm sure everything will work out for the best, it has up until now mostly, so here is to life and starting a new chapter!


  1. !! Where in Kansas are you going to be?? I'm in Lawrence. :)

  2. congratulations on starting fresh and thank you both for your service to this country! :D

  3. Kansas City here....thank you for your husband service and your support.

  4. Thanks guys! I will be in Manhattan, Kansas.
    Maybe I will be able to meet some of you guys!

  5. Good luck with this new chapter in your life! I'm sure it will be an exciting time. All the best!


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