Tuesday, April 24, 2012

UP Colors Verde 360 Swatches! Holo Goodness!

Hey Guys! Sorry for being so scarce! Just really, really busy!
Movers come in two days! Eeek! Nervous..hopefully we will have everything ready.
I was at the hospital for THREE hours yesterday, it was awful! I mean nice service but ugh
Still sucked! I had to come back for lab results and got a CT scan done, labs showed my iron normal this time so i guess I'm not Anemic after all! But I do have a decently bad Vitamin D Deficiency!
Nothing too bad, well yet..CT scan s kinda making me nervous..results for that in 2 days!

Plus moving, packing, Physical Therapy and my hubs out processing out of the Army..yeah busy busy!
But I am here :) Anyway here is a beautiful holo polish I had to snatch up!!
Surprisingly this has held up SUPER well considering I am moving and packing, 2 chips after 2 days.
But not huge ones, only on my right hand and it's not as if it's a normal day since we are moving and stuff!
Good in my eyes anyway for a holo!

Up Colors Verde 360!

You can purchase Up Colors from Llarowe or ninjapolish!
Wishing you all well! <3 More posts soon!!

Keep all my lovely polishes in your thoughts during this moving period haha, last time I moved I only had about 20 polishes.. and I am very nervous!!

-Sarah <3


  1. Wow, that's super pretty. I love the holo effect.
    I keep my fingers crossed for all your pretties! :)

  2. Really like this one, haven't tried any of these

  3. I love this polish!! It is so pretty :)

  4. Looks gorgeous. Hope the move goes well and look after yourself and you lacquer babies!:)

  5. Lovely blog with so many interesting and inspiring posts! Love your work:) Would you like to follow each other?


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