Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Long time, No... Lancelot? :)

Hey all! WOW I know it has been a pretty unacceptable amount of time! D:
I guess I just needed a break and didn't know it? My month long hiatus was completely unplanned!

But before I get into that at the moment! I want to apologize because I have to get back into the blogging groove, and I don't have my Tripod, Lightbox, or my Lamps atm and if you follow me on Twitter or no me I am a night owl typically. So the pictures are lacking BUT I have a new lightbox on the way and then I will be posting my VERY late GIVEAWAY!

So for anybody wondering where I have been! My husband got out of the Army on May 1st, he completed his four year term!  Along with that, we moved from Fort Campbell, KY to Kansas near my family that we haven't lived by for over 6 years. So it's kind of a given, I have been catching up and spending time with them & just settling in. Hubby hasn't found a job yet, so keep us in you're well wishes!
The movers put our stuff in storage when we thought It would be here in the basement at my sisters house.
So we don't have a lot that we thought we could just run downstairs and open a box to get, so that has been difficult not to mention not having our own place.
 I think the biggest reason I haven't blogged was because I didn't have a designated place to paint my nails like I did at home, you know? But I promise I won't just stop for a month ever again without letting you know! I hope I was missed :)

Sorry for the long post! Not the best pictures, and I think there were bubbles or glitter in my Seche Vite and you can see it on the polish : / You couldn't really see it in person, but I swear A England Lancelot applied AMAZING! Almost a onecoater, but I used two. :)
 And here is a picture from today! I layered other polishes attempting to gradient them but I had no sponges so I just used the brushes lol Either way I love it!

I used Sally Hansen HD polishes DVD, & Laser, Milani-Blue Lightening and OPI DS Temptation on top of Illamasqua-Lancelot! (Lancelot courtesy of my sister!)

I love you guys! Thank you for you're Patience!! The light box should get here within the next three days, and I will post the giveaway as fast as I can! 
<3 Sarah!

And for some extras here is my FB Album since we got here! If you want to seed what I've been up to anyway, here are pictures!


  1. Whew, a one coater! I absolutely love what you did on your tips! So pretty <3

  2. Welcome back to blogging! And congrats on the move!

  3. You were missed! I love Lancelot on you and the glitter just makes it pop. I had to take time off of blogging when we moved for my husband's job at the end of the year- it was tough because we lived in temp housing for a month with none of our stuff, so I TOTALLY know how you feel. Hope things start to get smooth now :)

  4. Thank you to your husband for his service and the sacrifices you have both made.

    Welcome back :)

  5. You were definitely missed! Hope the hubs finds work soon and I love the gradient you did! ^_^

  6. Hello, your blog is gorgeous, love it! Happy summer :)



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