Sunday, June 24, 2012

Anastasia See And Be Seen Kit-Swatches & Review!

Hey Guys! Can you believe that is is almost July?! I really can't D: 

Today I have a Review for you all! It is the See And Be Seen Kit from Anastasia  Beverly Hills!

This kit retails for $44.00 (an $80.00 value!) It includes
1-Full size Eyeshadow duo
1-Full Size Tinted Brow Gel
2 Full Size-Hydrafull lipglosses!
(The glosses are exclusive-You can only get these two colors from this kit!)

The packaging is so cute! <3

Eyeshadow Duo-On Set. I love that this has a mirror in it, and I like the packaging it is sleek and pretty but still easy to open.

Quick swatch over primer, seriously only ONE swipe of each! They are velvety and very pigmented!
The left shade is a Champagne-y shimmer, and the right shade is a Copper-y shimmer.
This is the Tinted Brow Gel in Caramel. I love Anastasia brow gels! This is the first time for me using the tinted one, I really love it but It isn't the *perfect* color for my brows. It gives my brows a golden sheen and has some sparkle. :) The only small issue is that I wish it didn't pull out so much product, but that is always an issue for me with all mascaras and such. I just scrape some back into the tube!
The gel has botanical hair conditioner and essential oils in the formula. There are five available shades.

These are the two Hydrafull Lipglosses! Plastic and Heiress. They stain a bit but I actually like that, when the product comes off you still have the pretty color left. Heiress has some micro glitter but it's hard to notice int he photos, more noticeable in person but it's very subtle.
The wand is kinda funky, it's bendy and flat it's easy to control how much product you use but kind of hard to apply it neatly. The colors are gorgeous and last wonderfully!
The gloss also has Jajobo oil, Shea Butter and Anastasia's Balkan Botanical Infusion.

Here are quick swatches of everything on my arm!
(L-R)-On Set Shadow Buo, Caramel Brow Gel blended out, Hydrafull Lipglosses-Plastic & Heiress.

Here are the lipglosses on my lips!
These are my first lip pictures on the blog so please, be nice! lol
Due to the color of my lips they don't look drastically different on me, so keep the color of your lips in mind!
Anastasia Hydrafull Lipgloss in Plastic
Anastasia Hydrafull Lipgloss in Heiress

And I also did a quick eyelook, I only used the two shades, brow gel and a mascara (not included).
The first picture is without the Brow Gel, just to show you how it tames them! lol

 Without Brow Gel
 & with Brow Gel.

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And here is a nice silly picture as a bonus for you guys :P
My hubby took the eye pictures for me, because well.. for the life of me I just couldn't today haha I kept missing my eye and I've been shaky. So he was making fun of me and I flipped him off :O
And he made sure to get that picture!
 *Eye* Hope you guys are doing great and had a wonderful weekend!

 *This was sent to me for review.*


  1. Okay, now I know I NEED brow gel! Lol :). Thank you.

  2. It's awesome Angie! Makes a big difference with mine! They are always sticking out when I wake up lol

    The Anastasia are great, they don't get flaky at all. I really want to try more of the shades!

  3. I really like the eye shadows. Not sure I could pull off such a shade though. You did a great job in showing them, thanks.

  4. Ugh. The more swatches I see from this set, the more I want it! Those glosses and shadows are TO DIE FOR.


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