Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Looking for Advice!

  Hey guys! I was wondering if any fellow bloggers have any tips or tricks for being a more organized blogger? I am NOT a naturally organized person (though, is anyone? no idea!) 
I really want to make a big change and try to improve my focus on my blog. I've been a a bit of a rut lately.
I want to blog more regularly, and find a more efficient way to swatch and review. 
So far I've just been lazy and did most on days where I feel motivated, which aren't that common. 
I just want to commit myself more and I could really use help and advice!

And readers I appreciate your input as much as bloggers and anything you have to say will  more be productive!
Please take a minute to read this and drop me a comment!
Or email me @ Sarahmaye, if you are 
comfortable with that.

<3 Sarah


  1. I find that keeping a small notebook of ideas with me at all times helps because I then have a pool to choose from if I'm feeling uninspired.

    On the days you have the time/inspiration, schedule posts so new content is spread out. I blog on the go from my phone a lot, but 50% of my posts are scheduled on the weekends.

  2. I was gonna say the same thing. When you're motivated, just do more than one and schedule them out.
    I'm working on this myself :)

  3. I third writing posts when you feel motivated and scheduling them to post later. I just finished writing three posts that will be spread out through the weekend. It gives me a few days to find time to sit down and work again after having a little break.

    However you do it, keep at it! I've been loving your blog since it was introduced to me. :)

  4. I love making lists for every little thing in my life. :) So I have various lists for my blog as well. I have an untrieds list where I set myself a minimum percentage I want to wear or swatch over a specific time frame. I also make schedules for projects and blog posts. I helps me a lot to have an overview of what I want to blog in the next month. And then little colored post it notes are my friend. On them I write down which blog post I want to go up on which date and I just stick them into my daily planer. That way I'm easily reminded of my schedule without having to carry an additional notebook.

    Happy organizing! You can do it!

  5. Make a folder in your favorites for things you might want to pursue with your blog. Maybe you have a main folder for your blog, and sub folders for inspiration, opportunities, other nail blogs, color, beauty stores, giveaways, networking etc.

  6. I agree with everything so far suggested, especially lists! I just started keeping lists for myself, because when I start my nail tech course, I'm gonna have zero time to blog. I've started planning out posts that I'm gonna schedule for once a week, and it's been such a help!

  7. Thanks everybody for the advice so far! I'm definitely to go get a planner and Chester I LOVE the bright post it notes idea! That way if you must switch the day it is easy and no erasing etc!

    I hope I can improve my lack of organization!

  8. I use pinterest for this! I create different boards and when I feel uninspired I just go look in one of my boards

  9. I really agree with doing as much as possible when you're motivated. I'm seriously slacking off recently, when I have a backlog of photos to post-ready it's not ideal.

    I have a bunch of post it notes stuck to the top of my laptop with lists and checky boxes. One for blogs I follow; where I write down the last post i've read and update it when i'm done reading for the day. I also have one with days on, and one for general to-do things.

    I also have a notebook with what i've used for the manis, which I write in as i've done them so I don't have to hunt around for products used. I keep the left side of the page for stamping manis, and the right sides of pages for swatches, and free-hand etc.

    I hope you find what works for you! :]


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