Friday, September 28, 2012

Kiss Your Elbow Nail Polish Swatches & Review!

Hello All! :)  Happy Friday! What fall shows are you guys watching?
Anywho, today's post is a review from a new indie polish maker Cassidy, from Kiss Your Elbow Polish!
I have four polishes to show you today, Wallflower, Autumn Leaves, A Drop in the Ocean, & Broncos, Baby!

Kiss Your Elbow Polish Kiss Your Elbow Polish  (2)
(L-R) Wallflower, Autumn Leaves, A Drop in the Ocean, & Broncos, Baby!
Kiss Your Elbow Polish  (1)
(L-R) WallflowerAutumn LeavesA Drop in the Ocean, & Broncos, Baby!
Kiss Your Elbow Polish Wallflower (1)
Two coats of Wallflower over Illamasqua-Scorn.
The proceeds from Wallflower will go towards Autism Speaks. 
Wallflower is a gorgeous glitter nail polish with a clear base and brimming with many different sizes of rose gold glitter and gold glitter. The name for this nail polish was inspired by the book and upcoming movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower. 
Wallflower spreads on easily, and looks kickass over black.
P.S. I love the book Perks of Being a Wallflower!
Kiss Your Elbow Polish Autumn Leaves (1)
Two coats of Autumn Leaves over Cult Nails-Evil Queen.
The profit from Autumn Leaves will go towards the Breast Cancer Walk Cassidy will be participating in at the end of October.
Autumn Leaves is an orange and cranberry mixed glitter polish created specifically for this upcoming fall and winter season, inspired by the gorgeous foliage of New England.

I love the combination of glitters and colors in this! (Fall is my favorite season!)
Like the others polishes, it really has a great formula. Spreads evenly without having to dab the glitter!
Kiss Your Elbow Polish A Drop In The Ocean (4)
One coat of A Drop in the Ocean over Cult Nails-Devious Nature.
The profit from A Drop in the Ocean will go towards the Breast Cancer Walk Cassidy will be participating in at the end of October.
A Drop in the Ocean is a lacquer full of blue, green, silver, and black glitters in different sizes to represent the depth of water. 
I should have used two coats! Oh well! I love this combo so much!
I just wish I did another coat so I had more of the larger glitters in the photo >.<
This polish is pretty simple but utter perfection. <3 My favorite of the four!
Kiss Your Elbow Polish Broncos,Baby (2)
One (thick) coat of Broncos, Baby! over Cult Nails-Time Traveler.
The profit from Broncos, Baby! will go towards St, Jude's.

A glitter polish bursting with orange, blue, and gold glitter that is sure to please any Broncos fan, no matter the outcome of the game!

(Sorry about the blue tinged cuticles! TT always does it to me when I clean up my mani)
While I'm not a fan of football, I am a fan of this polish :)
I used a thicker coat of polish than I typically do, thinking two coats would be a bit too much since it's dense.
The glitter spreads really evenly, if you wanted more big hexes you may have to do some digging for them.

Overall I am happy with all of these, I think Cassidy is doing an awesome job making unique polishes.
Also she has great taste in music :) I really think she is a indie to keep an eye out for.
An amazing added bonus, 65% of the proceeds from all Cassidy's polishes are donated to various charities.
I mean what's better than helping people, AND getting pretty polish?

The only thing I'm not crazy about are the bows on the bottles. I love bows,
I just think that smaller bows would make it easier to apply the polish.
Maybe it's just me though, but I was a little worried about hitting the bow on my wet nails.

Kiss Your Elbow Nail Polish are 3-free and cost $8.50, shipping is open to US, Canada & Europe.
Make sure you go Favorite her Etsy Shop, follow her on Twitter, and Like her Facebook page :)

 I hope you all are having a great day!
-Sarah <3

*Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review.


  1. Wallflower is my absolute favorite of the bunch!

  2. My favorite is Wallflower, I think it is just so cute :)

  3. I liked all your combos bot for my personal taste Autumm leaves and wallflowers cause I like , blacks, reds and wines and burgandy colors

  4. Absolutely in love with wallflower!!


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