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A Rhyming Dictionary Polishes- Crooked Magician, Tiiti-hoochoo, Regos, & The Scarecrow Swatches & Review!

 Hello all! <3
Today's post is another review from indie polish maker Morgan, from A Rhyming Dictionary Polish.
A Rhyming Dictionary Polish
(From L-R) Crooked Magician, Titti-hoochoo, Regos, and The Scarecrow.

Staring off with the most beautiful!!!
A Rhyming Dictionary Crooked Magician (1) A Rhyming Dictionary Crooked Magician (2) A Rhyming Dictionary Crooked Magician (3)
Crooked Magician
A bright blue jelly polish with rainbow flakies.
Guys, I am so in love with this polish-You have no idea.
I decided to build it up. It's a jelly and takes four coats to opacity, which I realize sounds like a lot.

I dislike having to do over three almost ever. This polish is an exception.
The beautiful depth you get with this, ugh I mean just buy it.
I love blue and I really love jellies. This is perfect. So effing gorgeous!!
You can also layer it over black, which is shown further in this post.
No exaggeration though, I think this is one of my favorite polishes I got this year!
A Rhyming Dictionary Titti Hoochoo (1) A Rhyming Dictionary Titti Hoochoo (2)
A Rhyming Dictionary Titti-hoochoo (3) A Rhyming Dictionary Titti-hoochoo (4)
A pearl with color changing pigment. Over black it looks reddish-purple but it was many different kinds of pigment so it will look a little bit different over every color. 

For the first two photos I used two thin coats of Titti-hoochoo over black polish.
For the last two I used two thin coats over Opi-Vampire State Building.
This is a really pretty layering polish, I would recommend buying the larger bottle though.
I believe it would be easier to have even coats with the larger bottle, I just have a hard time with mini's getting as evenly as I would like.
A Rhyming Dictionary Regos (1) A Rhyming Dictionary Regos (2)
Tiny black, white, and mint hexes with larger mint hexes added in with a green tinted base!

Two very thin coats of Regos over of SpaRitual-Lithophonic.
I really lover this one-probably my second favorite of the bunch!
Further in the post I layered it over black and you can see the green shimmer in it <3
A Rhyming Dictionary The Scarecrow (1) A Rhyming Dictionary The Scarecrow (4) A Rhyming Dictionary The Scarecrow (2)
The Scarecrow

A blue color shift top coat with purple iridescent flakies.

This is another polish I highly recommend buying a full size bottle of it you like it.
It was pretty difficult for me to try to get even coverage, and I think the mini had to do with that.
I cannot be certain, but I do think that is why it was hard for me.
This polish is really pretty, but my least favorite. No particular reason I can think of.
 I don't wear a lot of metallic polishes often-maybe that is why?
Maybe subconscious because I thought it was a pain to put on. *shrug*
I used three thin coats over black.
From L-R- One coat of each over black.
Crooked Magician, Titti-hoochoo, Regos, & The Scarecrow.
Here is a mani I did with Crooked Magician & The Scarecrow over black.

You can purchase Morgan's polish from her Etsy shop HERE!!!
The Full size Polishes are priced at $7.50 (with the exception of Dorothy, a linear holo $8.50),
 and the Mini's at $3.50 
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*Products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*


  1. Crooked Magician over black is my favorite!

    I can't find my netbook right now (eep!) so I'm viewing on my iPhone via bloglovin and can only see your header, which looks great!

  2. I'm taking a liking to the Crooked Magician. That would go great for an underwater scene.


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