Sunday, November 11, 2012

Part of the Pretty and Polished Christmas Collection! Swatches & Review

Hey guys! Today's post is part of Chels, of Pretty and Polished's new Christmas Collection!

Pretty and Polished Love Always, Candy Cain (1) Pretty and Polished Love Always, Candy Cain (2) Pretty and Polished Love Always, Candy Cain (5)
Love Always, Candy Cain
"Love Always, Candy Cain is a tasty love letter of a polish. Sweet and enticing. You will find several shapes and sizes of white and red glitters in this clear base. No fishing required for these chunks of glitter."

I layered two coats of Love Always, Candy Cain over China Glaze-Glittering Garland.
I love this combo! Great polish, it went on easy without having to fish for glitter!
Plus you can layer it over pink for Valentine's, or blue for the Fourth!

Pretty and Polished Everybody Loves Penguin (2) Pretty and Polished Everybody Loves Penguin (3)
Everybody Loves Penguin
"This cute little guy is a crelly (creme/jelly) base filled with black and yellow hex glitters. You can make this opaque with 2-3 layers or layer it over a crisp white polish to conserve the beauty in a bottle. "

I used three coats of Everybody Loves Penguin here.
The formula was surprisingly easy! Went on very smooth. This polish kind of reminds me of eggs with giant pieces of pepper! LOL Maybe I'm hungry? The bubbles were due to my topcoat.

Pretty and Polished Island of Misfit Toys (2) Pretty and Polished Island of Misfit Toys (3)
Island of Misfit Toys
"Island of Misfit Toys is gorgeous glitter topper with a plethora of shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes. This represents all of those amazing toys we have lost or forgotten over the years. "

I layered one coat, and a little dabbing over China Glaze-Pelican Grey.
I love the combination of colors, and shapes on glitter in this!
Sorry this swatch isn't quite up to par. When I dabbed the glitter on it smeared somewhat.

You can purchase Pretty and Polished polishes from Chels' Etsy shop.
But in the near future they will be available for purchase at
The full size version of this polish is $8.50 and the mini is $4.75.

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*Products in this review were purchased by me at a discounted price to review*


  1. Everybody Loves Penguin is SO perfect! And really original too.

  2. The sign of an excellent blogger is when they convince, through pictures, a reader who doesn't love glitters that they need every polish in the post. I'm sold! :-) Great post, Sarah!

  3. Penguin makes me want to reach for a black licorice stick! I am a sucker for glitters in a milky white base. You made me want to get out my ChG Glittering Garland and start to use it on my toes here soon now!

  4. The post is telling about the part of pretty and polished Christmas. Useful post

  5. Might make a great Xmas party. I liked it
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