Friday, November 2, 2012

Zoya Ornate Holiday Collection Swatches & Review!

Hey all! I am so excited about today's post! Swatches of the Zoya Ornate Holiday Collection!
These are so pretty and sparkly, they just radiate Christmas spirit!

Before I begin with the swatch pictures I'd like apologize ahead of time, they will not be in the order of the bottle shot and macro photos as seen below. I admit I didn't think first when I placed them in this order because Electra is a topcoat polish and needs to be on top of another polish Doh!
Zoya Ornate Holiday Collection
Zoya Ornate Holiday Collection
Electra, Ziv, Logan, Storm, Blaze, and Aurora.Zoya Ornate Macros
Zoya Aurora
Zoya Ornate Aurora

Zoya Aurora is described as a full coverage, medium sugarplum purple flecked with a high concentration of micro fine diamond holographic glitter. 

For the pictures above I used three very thin coats of Aurora
I believe two thicker coats would have worked though. The formula was flawless. 
Zoya Blaze Zoya Ornate Blaze
Zoya Blaze is described as a full coverage, cool-toned medium mulberry red with a high concentration of micro fine diamond holographic glitter.

Just like Aurora I used three very thin coats of Blaze.
The formula was almost exactly like Aurua, just a smidge thinner. It was very easy to work with.
Zoya Storm Zoya Ornate Storm
Zoya Storm is described as a full coverage, holiday black with a high concentration of micro fine diamond holographic glitter. 

Storm was perfect in two coats. Impeccable formula! Just like Aurora.
Zoya Logan Zoya Ornate Logan
Zoya Logan is described as a full coverage, yellow-toned forest green with dense, foil-like yellow-gold and blue-green duochrome shimmer.

Logan is so pretty, it put a smile on my face instantly.
Reminds me of why I fell in love with Zoya nearly two years ago when I bought my first Zoya polish-Ivanka.
It is the perfect Christmas tree color <3 I can't recall how many coats I used, but It was probably three very thin coats.
I usually do three coats vs two thicker ones.
Zoya Ziv Zoya Ornate Ziv
Zoya Ziv is described as a full coverage, yellow-toned metallic gold foil with silver highlights and warm gold flake glitter accents. Try this for an extremely shiny, reflective, and eye-catching luxe gold nail. Imagine Zoya Trixie in gold.

I estimate this will be my new go to gold polish. It may be the first gold that I have truly loved!
 Ziv requires two coats for opacity. I love that it has so much silver but is still gold!
Truly a unique shade!
Zoya Ornate Electra Zoya Ornate Electra Zoya Electra
Zoya Electra is best described as a micro fine diamond holographic glitter mixed with large silver holographic bar tinsel in a clear base.  

Electra is pretty, but I think I'd prefer it over a creme instead of hiding Storm so much!
I used one coat with minor dabbing on top of Storm. I think Electra is my first solely bar glitter polish and I can't wait to experiment with it more!
Zoya Electra Matte
I decided to add Butter London Matte Topcoat on top of the Electra/Storm combo.
Zoya Ornate Dots
This is a really simple Dot-icure I did when I was done swatching.
I started with Logan as my base, and used my largest dotting tool and added various dots on my nails with Ziv, Aurora and Blaze.

Zoya polishes are available for purchase here!
They are priced at $8.00 a bottle. (And very worth it!)

Make sure to follow Zoya on Facebook, Twitter and their Blog, they have many promotions and deals throughout the year and you don't want to miss out!

There isn't a single polish in this collection that I don't love or recommend!
Zoya Ornate Swatches (1)
Here is a Recap picture! Which ones are you lemming/planning to buy or already have?

*Products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*


  1. Gorgeous!!!! Probably one of my favorite posts about this collection! Nice work, Sarah!

  2. Yep..this sealed the deal for me. I want them ALL.

  3. Such a beautiful collection and your swatches are superb!

  4. You know, seeing swatches doesn't usually make me want to buy new polishes - but this totally does! So gorgeous, OMG especially Aurora! Want!

    1. Thank you! Aurora is my absolute favorite of them all!

  5. I feel like this is the "must have" collection for the Holidays this year! I've never purchased Zoya before, I think I will order Blaze, Aurora and Storm! TFS:)

    1. I completely agree! I warn you-Zoya will get you addicted haha!
      I feel like once I found Zoya, my polish addiction magnified SO much!

  6. I hate your nails bissshh..... ;) Awesome job on the swatches.

  7. Hi Sarah how are you ? you have amazing nails and I love your swatches. Congrats, u have an amazing blog. Hugs from Brazil :)


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