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China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away Collection - Part Two

Good [insert your time of day here] Everybody! 
Part One of the China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil Collection was on the blog yesterday (view it here),
 and here is Part Two! Enjoy! =]
 China Glaze Cirque du Soleil Collection (1)

Surreal Appeal, Get Carried Away, Running in Circles, Water You Waiting For?, Bend Over Backwards, Igniting Love.
China Glaze Igniting Love (2) China Glaze Igniting Love (1)
Igniting Love

I used two coats above.
This polish is pretty and even though it doesn't seem very unique I don't have a dupe in my stash.
I can't remember how great the formula is but I definitely don't remember it being bad.
When that usually happens I swatch it on a nail wheel or one nail but I think my daughter hid this one >.< Can't find it anywhere!
China Glaze Bend Over Backwards (2)
Bend Over Backwards

Opacity requires two coats. For some unknown reason I like this more than Cranberry Splash even though they are like sisters. And I usually lean towards blue toned reds not orange *shrug*
The formula on BOB was perfect!
China Glaze Water You Waiting For

Water You Waiting For?

I used three coats for opacity, and sponged some over Surreal Appeal for an accent.
This is my second favorite of these six, gorgeous!
Application is easy, but definitely apply two coats of topcoat. 
One coat seems fine and smooth, but when I woke up in the morning it was like it drank it all!
China Glaze Running In Circles
Running In Circles

Lovely green! I used three coats above.
Reminds me of the glassflecks Zoya is famous for. If I could only buy one out of these six-this would be it. 
Stunning. The formula was very easy to apply, a tad thin but not runny.
China Glaze Get Carried Away (1)  
Get Carried Away
Get Carried Away

I used 1.5 coats over Igniting Love. But you can wear this alone with three coats.
It may be better to dab this on, the glitter didn't disperse how I'd like it to by just wiping it on.
The formula was nice and smooth.
China Glaze Surreal Appeal (2)
China Glaze Surreal Appeal (1)
Surreal Appeal

I used two coats for opacity. Formula was good, not amazing but easy to apply.
I usually don't like corals but I love this on me.
If you can't buy them all but want this look for cheaper, this looks very close to Wet n Wild Dreamy Poppy.
DP is a little more salmon and SA is a bit more coral but similar shades for sure!


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