Sunday, December 30, 2012

Laquerlicious Disgruntled Elf, Melted Ice Cream & Mixed Berries - Swatches & Review!

Hello Lovelies! Today's post is of a relatively new indie polish brand called Laquerlicious!
Laquerlicious Laquerlicious
Disgruntled Elf, Melted Ice Cream, & Mixed Berries.
Laquerlicious Disgruntled Elf  (1) Laquerlicious Disgruntled Elf  (3)
Disgruntled Elf
"a sheer silver base with red, pink, green, light green and white large to tiny square, hex and slice matte glitter."
I layered Disgruntled Elf over China Glaze Running in Circles and Def Defying.
Such a cute holiday polish, I think the added pink makes it more versatile then a only red and green Christmas polish.
Laquerlicious Melted Icecream  (1) Laquerlicious Melted Icecream  (2)
Melted Ice Cream
"a clear base with Black, White, Light Pink, Purple, and Hot Pink Shredded Matte Glitter. "

I layered two coats of Melted Ice Cream over China Glaze Sweet Hook.
I recommend doing a bit of dabbing with this, it doesn't spread effortlessly but not many shredded glitter polishes do from my experience! Definitely worth the effort!
Laquerlicious Mixed Berries (3) Laquerlicious Mixed Berries (1) Laquerlicious Mixed Berries (2)
Mixed Berries"a magenta with a blue shimmer jelly base. It has micro bar glitter and purple & silver shredded glitter."

First I built up Mixed Berries on it own with three coats.
The formula is a little goopy due to the amount of glitters but applied very evenly.
I prefer it layered like below though!
Laquerlicious Mixed Berries Layered  (1) Laquerlicious Mixed Berries Layered  (3) Laquerlicious Mixed Berries Layered  (2)
This is two coats of Mixed Berries over China Glaze Creative Fantasy.
Such a perfect match!! I love this polish so much, I have already ordered a spare! :D
This polish is so gorgeous, I did my best to capture it but it is even more amazing in person!
Here is Mixed Berries layered over China Glaze Hanging in the Balance, Cult Nails Time Traveler, Elf Fab Fuchsia, and China Glaze Creative Fantasy.

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Full size Laquerlicious polishes are available for purchase on Etsy  for $8.50
She also offers minis for $5.00.

BUT all three of these polishes are on sale right now!

They are available for $6.50 each, when they sell out they will be gone forever so if you want any of these jump on it ASAP! I highly recommend them, especially Mixed Berries!!
Michelle is making some truly gorgeous polishes, seriously go check her out!
(and look at Morning Fog! /drool!)

*Products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*


  1. I love this brand and I NEED Disgruntled Elf!! Gorgeous swatches!!

  2. I love Mixed Berries over the fuschia! And Disgruntled Elf is an awesome holiday colour and such a cute name!


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