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Tweezerman Ambassador Program

Hello all, Happy Friday!

Today's post is about the Tweezerman Ambassador Program!
I saw a few bloggers post about this and I was super intrigued so I applied!
To learn more about the Ambassador program or to apply click here.

The Tools arrived in this nice roll up case, so fancy!
Tweezerman Ambassador Nail/Pedicure KitTweezerman Ambassador Nail/Pedicure Kit
My light box wasn't quite big enough to capture the case fully, but you get the gist!
Tweezerman Ambassador Nail/Pedicure Kit
This Tweezerman Ambassador Kit Includes the following:

Master Tech Ingrown Toenail File and Cleaner
Master Tech Ingrown Toenail File and Cleaner

 "Features an ingrown file to help relieve the pressure of ingrown nails and a thin, curved end to clean under and around the nail."

This is something I have come to love so much! I use the cleaner almost every day and very much prefer it to the cleaner on the Pushy. I've never been one who gets ingrown toe nails but it is nice to have just encase.
The weight on this is crazy, you can clearly tell this is a quality made product.

Pushy Cuticle Pusher

 "Our stainless steel Pushy has thin, hand buffed edges for pushing back cuticles and cleaning under and around the nail without scratching."

Out of the three cuticle pushers I own now these are my favorite, but I still feel that the $17 price tag is a bit steep, but it is well made and works well.

Cobalt Stainless Cuticle Nipper
”the Choice of BEAUTY Professionals”
"Our Award Winning premium nipper with ultra-sharp hand-finished tips and smooth double spring action delivers the ultimate in precision and performance. Withstands repeated sterilization without rusting or corroding. Stainless Steel. Lap Joint. Available in 1/4 (small) 1/2 (medium) and full jaw sizes."

These are fantastic nippers, I don't use them all the time (as I don't clip my cuticles)
but they are fantastic for hangnails! They are very sharp. these along with the Tweezerman Zebra etched nippers are the smoothest ones I have ever used. I can clearly tell they are superior quality to all the others I have previously used.

Satin Etched Zebra Cuticle Nipper
"The sturdy design is reinforced by its rock-hard, stainless steel construction and features sharp, long-lasting snipping tips for smooth cutting action."

Same as the Cobalt nippers these are smooth and very sharp, but I use them less often because the nipper size is larger. Amazing quality though.

atin Etched Zebra Straight-Edge Toenail Clipper
Satin Etched Zebra Stainless Steel Clipper Set
"Transform untidy, tattered or shabby nails into a perfectly pampered, lovingly trimmed look.  100% sanitizable."

I truly think everybody, or at least girl should buy these toe nail clippers!
I love the straight edge so much, and they clip so smoothly.
They are very sharp, and also very cute.

Tweezerman Files

Premium Emory Board 
"Pack of 5 thin wood files. Ultra durable."

This was my first experience trying a wood file and I was quite impressed. I prefer softer files for shaping but this is great to take away some length and to get a nice squared shape.
Eco Friendly File

"100% biodegradable and 100/180 grit for medium sanding on acrylic nails as well as for filing edges on natural nails."
This is a nice thick quality file, but I prefer to use one with a higher grit on my nails so I don't grab for this one often. It is great for my toe nails as they are much thicker and stronger.
I love that is is eco friendly and biodegradable.

Sansation Nail File  
"Washable, sanitize-able and durable with 100/180 grit and a reinforced center for added strength."

Like the Eco Friendly file, this grit is lower than I prefer to use since my nails aren't the strongest.
I use the 180 grit side but not the 100 grit one. I love the shape of this file, I find that the extra width makes it more comfortable for me to hold. I hope they make higher grits available in the future. Very thick and sturdy file.

Pedro Callus Stone
Pedro Callus Stone
Pedro Callus Stone

"Superior quality two-sided ceramic stone with a rough side for reducing calluses and a fine side for smoothing skin.  Strong, sturdy handle for optimum control. Washable."

I kind of want to write a love letter to this Pedro Callus Stone. Where have you been all of my life?
I have tossed around the idea of purchasing this stone many times, but the price always ran me away.
I regret being cheap and not purchasing this! I've tried many pumice stones but none were ever a perfect fit for me. I'm not sure how to explain it, but they would make a difference for the night but not long term.
This stone actually feels like it is continuously making a difference for me. I worried that it would be too rough because it felt a little scary but it is perfect!
My feet have never felt better in my life, at least not since I was a baby :)
I was tempted to do a before and after but I know a lot of people hate feet so I decided against it.

Here is a photo of my nails in pretty awful shape. This was taken the day we moved into our new place.
I wasn't 
moisturizing as much as usual and had to move furniture and broke two of my nails.

Here is the "After" picture. I used the files, nippers on hang nails, and pushed my cuticles back.
My cuticles actually look worse here to me but that is because I typically use a cuticle trimmer after I push them, but I didn't here because there wasn't one included in this kit.


Not that I wasn't already aware, but this kit just proved to me even more so that Tweezerman makes wonderful high quality products. I love their tweezers so much and I'm thrilled I finally got the opportunity to try their manicure and pedicure tools! The only way this kit would be more perfect to me would be if it included a Cuticle Trimmer. I have heard they make them, but I haven't been able to find one.

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I hope that some of you found this post helpful or informative in some way,
and that you all have a fantastic weekend!

*Products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*


  1. Wow, the kit looks so scary at first - very much like a dentists table!

    I'd totally make use of that ingrown toenail tool!! Sounds amazing.


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