Thursday, January 17, 2013

Colorful Splotched Mani & FAILED Waterspotted Mani attempt.

Hey guys! Today's post is pretty fun! Nice and colorful for you guys!
Colorful Splotches (1)
Colorful Splotches (4)Colorful Splotches (3) Colorful Splotches (2)
This was meant to be a base for a waterspotted manicure!
I started out with a white base polish Milani White on the Spot.
And all I did was play with the colors a bit with the brushes from the polishes.
 Since it was going to be covered, I really didn't try very hard, but regardless it came out pretty cool!
I just randomly placed colors and I had no real plan and I just did!
It's too bad the water spotted mani was a fail and ruined it!

The colors I used in this manicure:

China Glaze - Dance Baby, Flip Flop Fantasy, & For Audrey.
Sinful Colors - Dream On, Innocent & Unicorn.
Wet n Wild Spoiled - Did I Dye it too Blonde?

Colorful Splotches (5)
Here is a photo of the fail, heh.
I didn't have spray hand sanitizer so I used alcohol in a perfume spray just didn't work lol! Although I find the pink part very texturally interesting and I want to try a mani based off of it.
 I sprayed the shiz out of it and it shrunk up like that and looks neat!

The colors I used for the "water spotted" part of this mani were
Illamasqua Prosperity, Milani Fast Fuchsia , Nails Inc Baker Street, & Zoya Robyn.

Just a super quick post! Hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. I'm totally loving that "bad word finger" as the kiddo calls it.

    1. Sorry for cutting it, but i'm in love with the nickname for the midde finger your kid came up with :DD

  2. I really like the watercolor sprayed-effect one!

  3. Wow, the middle finger is fabulous! But i like the overall look, i don't think it's a fail, it just didn't live up to your expectations :) I wasn't aware of this technique, is there a good tutorial you know and would recommend?

    1. Thank sweetie! It didn't come out awful just not how it is supposed to look!
      The polishes I used on top were a bit too sheer except the pink.
      Cutepolish did an amazing tutorial on YT

  4. I tried to do the water spotted manicure, too! i went out and bought spray hand sanitizer, but it just did not work! I had to keep getting out clean cups of water, as the sanitizer made a weird film over the top of the water. The only thing I can think of is that my hand sanitizer had aloe in it? Anyways, this is a tricky look, and the Cutepolish tutorial makes it looks so easy!!! I love all the colors you used :)

  5. I don't think it's a fail at all! Actually, your ring finger is my favorite. The middle one looks pretty cool, too! :-)

  6. Love the brilliant colors together and I don't think it's such a fail as you do...we all have to play and do some trials. I am sure when I try this one mine won't come out nearly as good as this first time around!

  7. I still think it looks great. Its like neon camouflage.

  8. It doesnt work for me too, lol! I used rubbing alcohol.


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