Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lancome Chocolate Mordaore, Bubbly Gold & Rose Plumeti Vernis in Love Swatches and Review

Happy Wednesday all! Today's post is three Lancome Vernis in Love polishes!
Lancome Vernis in Love
Chocolat Mordore, Bubbly Gold, and Rose Plumeti.
Lancome Chocolat Mordore (5) Lancome Chocolat Mordore (4)
Chocolat Mordore

This polish is delicious! It makes me think of chocolate fondue and going to the melting pot!
Then right after that thought I think of Mordor, even though it is a different spelling. haha
And then the foodie and nerd in me collide and I picture the Eye of Sauron with chocolate fondue instead of fire. /facepalm I know..I'm weird!
Anyway! Chocolat Mordore had a perfect formula, and required two coats for opacity.
Lancome Bubbly Gold (1) Lancome Bubbly Gold (2) Lancome Bubbly Gold (3) Lancome Bubbly Gold (4)
Lancome Bubbly Gold (5)
Bubbly Gold

Bubbly Gold in theory is a polish that I would absolutely hate.
I dislike most golds, I dislike brushstrokes and most metallic polishes in general.
So in my opinion Lancome has seriously worked magic with this polish, because I love it!
Some how against all odds, I really love this I was pretty shocked! I think it has a lot to do with all those gorgeous micro flakies! It required two flawless coats for opacity.
Lancome Rose Plumeti (3) Lancome Rose Plumeti (2) Lancome Rose Plumeti (1)
Rose Plumeti

I used three coats of Rose Plumeti. This was my least favorite out of the bunch.
A very pretty girly pink with micro shimmer, but despite the thickness it was a tiny bit sheer.
It isn't too thick to use or goopy by any means but a little too thick for my liking for a three coater. 

This was my first experience trying Lancome nail polishes, I was quite impressed with their brushes!
I'm not actually very picky with brushes.. in fact I've only had two that actually bothered me.
But these are amazing! I was able to paint my nails much neater and closer to my cuticle than with a lot of other polish brands. I wish that all polishes had the same brush tip!

Lancome nail polishes are available to purchase from their website, and also from Macys, Nordstrom, and Dillards stores. Vernis in Love polishes retail for $15.00 for 6ml/2oz.

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*Products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*


  1. Chocolat for the win. It looks lovely! Thank you for the swatches! Very glad to find your blog. I've been off the radar for awhile, so when I found you I immediately followed! Congrats on passing the 1000 follower mark! So close to 1500! :D

  2. I was not into gold polishes either until 1 or 2 in 2010 and then I only wore them during holiday. Chanel Graphite release seemed to raise the bar a little for more inventive 'metal' polishes. We see a lot of particle mix formulations now and with those, I find I like many golds now. I used to turn my nose up at golds - they looked like a bad cheap Christmas tree ornament usually or some nasty gold shoes from the 80's-90's. I even found I was getting out some of my yellow gold jewelry again - I think yellow gold is making a big come back only because the cost of gold makes it unattainable for most of us!

  3. Bubbly Gold looks amazing! I don't own any Lancome polishes, this might have to be my first though.


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