Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lynnderella Pentimento over Zoya Jacqueline!

Just a really quick post today! Hope you guys don't mind me posting more lately!
I guess I have been motivated or something? Hopefully it keeps up, because I have catching up to do!

I still hadn't tried Lynnderella Pentimento :O so I knew I had to change that!
I layered 1.5 coats over Zoya Jacqueline!
Lynnderella Pentimento over Zoya Jacqueline (2) Lynnderella Pentimento over Zoya Jacqueline (1)

Any ideas for what I should do for my birthday manicure?
Not really excited this year at all, I might even skip it..but I thought I should ask!

Also look at these YUMMY chocolates I got today from the Godiva Store! I had a $10 off coupon for my birthday and I got this for $12!
IMG_868m4 IMG_8687 IMG_8691
This Pecan Cluster is so cute!
The Tiramisu Truffles are so effing delish!!!


  1. Mmmm chocolate! And your nails look amazing (as always)!

  2. Beautiful combo! This is the one Lynn that I am lemming right now, it looks so lovely on you!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! You are too sweet!
      I wish I had a spare so I could give it to you :)

  3. Gorgeous combo! I think multi colored glitters look great over nudes!

  4. Oh my, that Lynn is amazing! (great chocolate choice too! :) )

  5. happy birthday! mmm godvia looks very tasty. and i love pimento over jacqueline. looks like party nails.

    not sure about birthday mani but i always enjoy a good glitter for festive times. have fun!

  6. hmm those chocolates look so good. Your nails are pretty. I love Lynn polishes!!


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