Sunday, January 27, 2013

My First Freehand Leopard Print Manicure! (Over a Franken)

Hey guys! Today's post was inspired by the ever amazing Chalkboard Nails, specifically her leopard print tutorial!

I have been meaning to try this for ages! I wish I tried sooner! It is so quick and easy!
Mine didn't come out perfect but my second attempt (which you will see soon!) came out even better!
But first! Here is the base I layered over, a unnamed franken that I made and love!
I wanted it just how it came out! A muted/dusty lavender with white micro flakies & shimmer! <3
Unnamed Franken by Me Unnamed Franken by Me
Unnamed Franken by Me
Leopard Print 1st Attempt with Illamasqua Nomad & Prosperity Leopard Print 1st Attempt with Illamasqua Nomad & Prosperity Leopard PrLeopard Print 1st Attempt with Illamasqua Nomad & Prosperityint 1st Attempt
I used Illamasqua Nomad and Prosperity to make the leopard print! <3

Hope you guys like it! It was really fun and simple to do!
If you haven't already seen Sarah's post or tutorial..well wtf are you waiting for?!? :)


  1. Your franken is awesome ! Really beautiful !

  2. love your franken! so gorgeous.. I just did my first one this week also. so much fun! love your spots, too!

  3. Love that franken! Those colours are very gorgeous together!!

  4. yeah, im with everyone else, that franken is divine!

  5. The franken!!! Its freaking amazing.

  6. That franken is amazing!! And I love how the leopard spots pop over the base! Makes me want to try to do leopard nails now.

  7. Love the franken!! what did you make it out of?

  8. I love, love everything about these! especially your franken!


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