Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Top 12 Polishes of 2012!

Hey guys! I'm a little late on this and have a few similar posts to come soon as well,
but here are my favorite 12 polishes I got in the year 2012! 
I'm just doing one instead of Indie vs Mainstream etc. These are polishes I felt blown away by, used the most or just fell in love with during the past year!
My Top 12 Polishes of 2012 (2)
I separated them to have the more mainstream brands first then indies second!
I tried to not have too many indies included, but they really stole my heart this year!
Ozotic 532 (3)
Ozotic 532 (4)
Ozotic 532

Does much need to be said? Just look at it!
I used three coats here but it looks fantastic over black too.
Illamasqua Radium (2)

Illamasqua Radium

I wanted this polish for almost a year before I finally broke down and bought it.
I wish I did sooner! This is the first time I have posted it on the blog. but it is easily one of my most worn polishes of the year. Three coats.
Zoya Aurora (4)
Zoya Aurora 

Three coats.This polish is so beautiful and applies very well. <3
SpaRitual Sacred Ground (10)
SpaRitual Sacred Ground
Three coats. I love how simple this is but yet complex also, so pretty! Looks great matte too!
AEnglandDragon (2)
A England Dragon

It was a hard choice because I also really love Ascalon, and St George, but Dragon is one of my very favorite greens that I own and I had to include it!
A Rhyming Dictionary Crooked Magician (3)
A Rhyming Dictionary Crooked Magician

I love the flakies in this so much, it takes 4 coats to be opaque alone but it is so worth it!
Floam (2) Floam (1)
Nail-venturous/Ninja Polish Floam

I used one coat over Zoya Neely (Lovely post will be up soon!)
Jindie Nails Battle Royale (3) Jindie Nails Battle Royale (8) Jindie Nails Battle Royale (6)
Jindie Nails Battle Royale

This was a recent one but I knew right away that is was one of my favorites.
I love this so much and plan to get a backup when I can!
Laquerlicious Mixed Berries Layered  (1)
Laquerlicious Mixed Berries

Just like Battle Royale Mixed Berries is recent, but I own nothing like it.I love it SO much!
Naild'it Dragon Scales
Naild'it Dragon Scales

I used one coatd over Zoya Julie (Lovely post will be up soon!)
Nerd Lacquer (2) Nerd Lacquer (1)
Nerd Lacquer =/= c

This polish is one that Amanda included in a friends order for it taking longer to ship, so I messaged her asking if I could buy one because I loved it! So I feel even more lucky to own it since it was never for sale! This is three coats!
Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger (1)
Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger (3)

Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger

This is my favorite of the year for sure, one of my favorites in my entire collection!
I love "holochromes"! This is two coats. <3

There it is! My favorites this year! There are MANY more I wanted to put in, but I really wanted to keep the list at 12!

I have a list of My Top 12 Indie Polish Brands of the Year that will be up in a few days, so keep an eye out!
Which of these do you love or have? What would be on your list?
Sorry for including some that are no longer available , but my favorites are my favorites! : /

Here are the links for where to buy these brands for those who are interested!

A England 
Llarowe, Mei Mei's Signatures, Ninja Polish
Dollish Polish
BigcartelLlarowe, Overall Beauty,
Illamasqua, Sephora
Jindie Nails
EtsyLlaroweMei Mei's Signatures, Shoppe Eclecticco

Llarowe, Overall Beauty
Ninja Polish
Ninja Polish
OzoticHarlow & Co.,Llarowe, Mei Mei's Signatures,Ninja PolishOverall BeautyPicture Polish
Sephora, Sparitual

*Some Polishes in this post were sent to me for review*


  1. gorgeous photos and some great choices xx

  2. I bought Radium for a friend and I wish I'd bought it for me!

  3. Love your photos and there are many pretty polishes on your list.

  4. So many good ones! Battle Royale is fantastic. I've got Floam, Dragon, and Aurora, and they are winners for sure.


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