Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sea Lore Wintry Friends Collection - Swatches & Review

Hello lovelies, Today's post is the Sea Lore Wintry Friends Collection!
Sea Lore Wintry Friends (1) Sea Lore Wintry Friends (2)
Arctic Otter, Beluga Blizzard, Glacial Grayling, Snowy Seal, & Wintry Whale.
Sea Lore Wintry Friends (3) Sea Lore Arctic Otter
Arctic Otter
"Dark brown shimmering base with beige squares and tiny champagne glitter."

I used two for opacity with Arctic Otter.
Sea Lore Beluga Blizzard (2) Sea Lore Beluga Blizzard (1)
Beluga Blizzard
"Pearl white iridescent shimmering base with various shades of snow white glitter."

I layered two coats of Beluga Blizzard over Zoya Jacqueline.
It can also build up to be opaque on it's own, but I prefer it layered.
Sea Lore Glacial Grayling (1) Sea Lore Glacial Grayling (2)
Glacial Grayling
"Blue grey shimmering base with iridescent rainbow squares and holographic micro glitter."

I used two coats of Glacial Graying, This polish is so pretty! Definitely my favorite of the bunch!
Sea Lore Snowy Seal
Snowy Seal
"Silver shimmering base with gunmetal and crystal hexes as well as silver and white glitter."
I used two coats for opacity.
Sea Lore Wintry Whale (1) Sea Lore Wintry Whale (2)
Wintry Whale
"Dark blue shimmering base with several shades of blue glitter and baby blue squares."

Wintry Whale required three thin coats for opacity.
IMG_8984 IMG_8945
I added one thin coat of Beluga Blizzard over Glacial Grayling above.
Such a stunning combination!


Jamie contacted me and told me that the Arctic Otter, Wintry Whale, and Glacial Grayling Blogger samples were a bit heavy on the fine glitter, she has changed the formulation on those three.

The only one that was a little difficult for me was Glacial Grayling.
I'm not very fond of a few in this collection due to my personal preferences only.
I don't like many metallic or heavy shimmer polishes, with glitter these polishes appear lumpy which I personally do not care for but I want to note that they applied very well.

You can purchase Sea Lore Polishes here.
 They cost $10.00 for fullsize (15 ml) polishes and $5.50 for minis. (7.5 ml)
Keep up Jamie and her polishes on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

*Products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*


  1. Great swatches, these are gorgeous!

  2. I feel the same way about metallic/shimmer bases with glitter. They just don't look right, even with lots of top coat. I was quite disappointed in this collection :( Loved Triton's Daughters though

  3. Wowzies, despite everything, these look soo cool and magical! My favorite is Gracial Grayling! <3

    xx, moonchild


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