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GlitterDaze Love is in the Air Collection - Part Two

 Today's post is Part Two of the GlitterDaze Love is in the Air Collection!!
Check it out, Yo. And don't forget to look at Part One!
GlitterDaze MacrosIMG_0519
Love Blossoms, Monsta Love 2.0, My Secret Admirer, & You Give Me Butterflies.
GlitterDaze Love Blossoms (2) GlitterDaze Love Blossoms (1)
Love Blossoms
"A great way to express your feelings to a loved one is to surprise them with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers, whether they be roses, tulips, or carnations. This glitter topcoat made up of flowers and small pink, fuchsia, and purple glitters will keep the essence of love right at your fingertips!" 

I used two coats of Love Blossoms over Orly Frolic.
GlitterDaze Monsta Love 2 (3) GlitterDaze Monsta Love 2 (2) GlitterDaze Monsta Love 2 (4) GlitterDaze Monsta Love 2 (1)
Monsta Love 2.0
"Sometimes your love is so strong and powerful that a mere “I Love You” fails to capture the intensity of your feelings. We’ve brought back an old favorite and changed it up to include a purple jelly base with fuchsia, hot pink, and lavender accents, as well as red holographic hearts.  Apply three even coats to reach opacity."

I believe I used four coats here, but I do very thin coats so I think three would be fine for those who do thicker coats.
GlitterDaze Monsta Love 2.0 Layered (1)
One coat of Monsta Love 2.0 over the following:
I want to say the first is China Glaze Gothica Lolita...Zoya Jacy, Illamasqua Prosperity, & Rimmel 
Purple Rain. 
GlitterDaze Monsta Love 2.0 Layered (5) GlitterDaze Monsta Love 2.0 Layered (4) GlitterDaze Monsta Love 2.0 Layered (3) GlitterDaze Monsta Love 2.0 Layered (2) GlitterDaze My Secret Admirer (3)
GlitterDaze My Secret Admirer (7)
GlitterDaze My Secret Admirer (2)
My Secret Admirer
"Secret admirers are synonymous with flattery and pleasant surprises; you never know what to expect. My Secret Admirer channels the excitement that admirers bring along. A burst of red, and fuchsia glitters in all shapes an
d sizes shine through a pale pink base. Three even coats of this nail polish will achieve opacity."

I used three thin, perfect coats!
Glitterdaze You Give Me Butterflies (2) Glitterdaze You Give Me Butterflies (3)
You Give Me Butterflies
"Butterflies in our stomachs is something we’ve all felt at some point for a certain special someone; it is a signature of falling head over heels in love. This nail polish is made up of a yellow jelly base with a delicate sprinkling of multi-sized pink and white satin glitters and holographic silver butterflies. Three even coats of You Give Me Butterflies will achieve opacity."

You Give Me Butterflies has a killer formula, but the butterflies require fishing!
I felt bad that the swatch had none so I re-swatched it on my finger for a pic!

And I meant to share this yesterday but I forgot!
Here is Hearts in her Eyes with Opi Super Bass Shatter on top!

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In this part I loved Monsta Love 2.0 the most I think! Followed by My Secret Admirer!!
What about you?

Warning: I was a bit tired typing this up, lol ignore any typos please!

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  1. The yellow polish is so pretty and unique!

  2. I like secret admired and the monsta love over the dark polish I belive it is purple rain


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