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Sensationail Gel Starter Kit Review

Hey guys!
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Today's post is my first ever experience with a gel manicure! Hope you enjoy, and find this post useful!
Sensationail Gel Starter Kit (14) Sensationail Gel Starter Kit (13) Sensationail Gel Starter Kit (15) 
Sensationail Gel Starter Kit (16)
The photos above show everything included in the kit, which I also Listed below and the bonus of the magnetic nail polish.

The Kit Includes:
Gel Cleanser
Gel Primer
Scarlet Red Polish
Clear Transparent Base & Topcoat
Small File
Lint Free Wipes
Miniature Orange Stick
And an instruction packet
Sensationail Gel Starter Kit (6)
Sensationail Gel Starter Kit (11)
Sensationail Gel Starter Kit (7)Sensationail Gel Starter Kit (9) Sensationail Gel Starter Kit (12) Sensationail Gel Starter Kit (8)

First I was to say sorry that I only have the after photos! I cannot for the life of me find the before pictures. 
The photos above are from after the seven day wear test. I also apologize for the pink polish on my ring finger & thumb! 

During the wear test my daughter spilled one of my polishes (China Glaze Dance Baby)  it some got on my nails. 
After seven full days I only had very minor chipping and tip wear.
I tested this twice, the first was a fail, and all of my nails chipped or the polish completely peeled off by the 2 day mark. 
I wasn't exactly sure why but I figured it out the second time.
It was due to my nail strengthener, the second test I only applied strengthener on my right have and none on my left, that was the only difference. And sure enough the all peeled and chipped fast.

But my right hand only had very minor tip wear after seven full days.
I cannot attest to this product lasting two full weeks, because I just cannot spend that long without painting my nails due to having reviews to do and my impatience. My guess is no, not without any chips. 
I don't think I would have crazy badly chipped nails, but they wouldn't be perfect. It lasts much longer on me than a typical manicure.

I soaked my nails in a bowl of pure acetone mixed with Remove + off and on for 25 minutes trying to remove it. I started with just 10-15 but it wasn't coming off. It was a bitch to remove.
Next time I plan to try the tin foil method, because my impatience I picked at it some and I'm worried I may have damaged my nails D: But hopefully not.
I have heard from others who have previously already used Gel Manicure products, say that it was easy to remove so maybe I just had no idea what I was doing lol.

I was very impressed, to the point of annoyance because I really wanted to change my nails!
I think this would be great for those who are too busy to paint their nails often, or dislike too often.
For me it was semi torturous, but I like changing my nails every day to every other day.
It was hard to remove, but that's also the reason it wears so well. 
The process isn't time consuming, and only takes 10-15 minutes.

I didn't want to wear another gel mani right away because I was worried that during the removal I may have damaged my nails, which is at no fault of the set just my impatience and picking.
I did wear an accent of it during my first gel manicure test and it really didn't work very well. The polish worked a lot better with a China Glaze magnet vs the Sensationail magnet.

Sorry for the long post and the rambling, but hopefully this will be informative or useful to some of you!
I know if I had a normal manicure on for the seven days, at least 2-3 nails would be completely bare from chips.

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*Products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*


  1. Love your nails! I'm addicted to Gelish and if you use the nail primer on all of your nail it basically never comes off. So if you use the primer just use it on the tips and then your soak off will be 100x easier! :) also painting over gel nails is great! Polish drys super fast and when you want to change it you can remove with acetone and gel mani is still perfect underneath :)

  2. I read 2 other reviews on this one and they did not give it good ones - the full on non gel strip Sally Hansen get good reviews.

    1. Hmm, I wish I could say for certain but I don't have any other gel experience to compare this with. But I do know That my polish usually chips badly in 2 days and this stayed on amazingly!

  3. Awesome review! To remove lightly file the top of the nail to break the seal before you soak them. Then they will come right off!

  4. Love all the info you have given us here. I feel very similar on this topic but have some new ideas also.

    - Jane
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